Alhambra’s archway: A gateway to architectural discussion

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A weekend Star-News story by Brian Charles includes some clarifying details from Alhambra city officials on the architectural inspiration behind a new 26-foot tall, 20-foot wide archway at Fremont Avenue and Valley Boulevard.

“Our original concept was to do something like the Arc de Triomphe,” (Deputy City Manager Mary) Swink said.
The stucco archway has been mistaken for the French iconic structure, but Alhambra is no French city.
So the designers deferred to the Alhambra, the castle built by the Moors during their occupation of Spain. The archway is a replica of one of the gates of the castle, Swink added.
The archway, which cost around $300,000 to build, has been taking a virtual beating over in the comments section at Curbed LA.
(Photo by Keith Birmingham / Staff)