At this Pasadena museum, bunnies are serious business


Things you will find at the Bunny Museum:

  • Bunnies, numbering 24,000, arranged by theme
  • Practical bunnies: salt-and-pepper shakers, bookends, shampoo bottles, tables, table settings, shower curtains
  • Playful bunnies: plush bunnies, Elvis bunnies, M&Ms dressed like bunnies
  • Living bunnies
  • A cactus that looks vaguely like bunny ears

Things you won’t find at the Bunny Museum:

  • Playboy bunnies
  • Mean bunnies, vile bunnies or vulgar bunnies. “It has to be cute,” Candace Frazee, owner of the home-slash-museum, says.

1933 Jefferson Drive, Pasadena, call the bunny phone to make an appointment, 626-798-8848,

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(Photos by Walt Mancini / Staff)