Conan O’Brien on Pasadena public access? Take the deal Coco!

Crown City News picks up this item on a hot new production deal for the currently unmoored Conan O’Brien: A gig on Pasadena public access.
Visitors to the “The Tonight Show” Web site can vote on a number of real-life job offers that have come across Conan’s desk since his ongoing break-up with NBC.
Besides taking the show to Pasadena’s public access channel, Conan’s other career-change options are:
  • Take show to Jewish Life TV
  • Dramatic role as IRA terrorist on FX drama “Sons of Anarchy”
  • Morning show sidekick on Y-94 in Fargo, North Dakota!
  • Star in a Pink Visual porno, “Conan the Bangbarian”
  • Appear on “Dancing with the Stars”
In good company, we are.
Currently, only 1 percent of voters think Pasadena’s the place to be for Conan.
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