Skier sues 8-year-old over slopeside collision

Looks like trouble is brewing over slopeside accidents. The Associated Press recently reported that a 60-year-old man is sueing an 8-year-old and his father over a collision that left the older skier with a shoulder injury.

David Pfahler of Allentown, Pa., filed a claim in federal court in Denver, saying that Scott Swimm, then 7, was skiing recklessly when they collided.  Pfahler is seeking $75,000 for physical therapy, vacation time, nursing and medical expenses.

Swimm’s father, Robb, says he saw the crash and that his son was skiing slowly and in control. “It wasn’t a violent collision or anything; Scott just kind of tapped his ski boots,” he said.

“Who in the world sues a child?” Scott’s mother asked. She said her son weighs only 48 pounds and couldn’t have been going faster than 10 miles per hour.

Pfahler’s attorney refused to comment on specifics according to the Associated Press, but wanted to go back to work at Reader’s Digest.

Which brings us to the question, fellow skiers. What do you think about this case?



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