Buy a six-pack for Mountain High


Well, it’s still not too late to buy a six pack for Mountain High Ski Resort. No we’re not talking beer, dude, we’re talking lift tickets. But you better hurry, because the offer ends Jan. 20, so move it or lose it.

The package gives you six eight-hour lift tickets good any day or night for only $179. Do the mathand you’ll realize that’s just $29 per ticket. 

Tickets are usually $51 weekdays and $62 on peak weekends in January and February. So you would save $21 to $32 a trip.

Better yet, tickets are transferable so you can use more than one ticket each day to treat family and friends. Besides,  every six-pack is encoded on an electronic access card for hands-free lift access. You can go from your car to the lifts. Awesome!

Tickets are good all season, but expire at the end of the season. They’re not valid holidays, Jan. 19-21, Feb. 16-18.

Six-packs are available at more than 240 sports shops in Southern California, as well as the resort’s online store… but don’t even think of asking for them at Mountain High! Click here for a sales location near you.

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Skier sues 8-year-old over slopeside collision

Looks like trouble is brewing over slopeside accidents. The Associated Press recently reported that a 60-year-old man is sueing an 8-year-old and his father over a collision that left the older skier with a shoulder injury.

David Pfahler of Allentown, Pa., filed a claim in federal court in Denver, saying that Scott Swimm, then 7, was skiing recklessly when they collided.  Pfahler is seeking $75,000 for physical therapy, vacation time, nursing and medical expenses.

Swimm’s father, Robb, says he saw the crash and that his son was skiing slowly and in control. “It wasn’t a violent collision or anything; Scott just kind of tapped his ski boots,” he said.

“Who in the world sues a child?” Scott’s mother asked. She said her son weighs only 48 pounds and couldn’t have been going faster than 10 miles per hour.

Pfahler’s attorney refused to comment on specifics according to the Associated Press, but wanted to go back to work at Reader’s Digest.

Which brings us to the question, fellow skiers. What do you think about this case?



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$19 lift tickets for all my friends

2425-snowvalley.JPGWax those skiis, grab those boards, and head on out to Snow Valley in Running Springs this Wednesday.

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the local resort has dropped its lift tickets to only $20 for everyone on Wednesdays.

A day of uncrowded skiing for under $20, who would have believed it. But it began last week, so it must be true.

Read about Snow Valley Mountain Resort in the Highlander newspapers at

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North Resort opens at Mountain High

2395-mountain4.jpgMountain High’s North Resort opened to skiers and snowboarders for the first time since November of 2004.  Two feet of recent snow made it possible and many turned out to enjoy the former Ski Sunrise. 

Located about a mile from Mountain Highs West Resort, the area consists of 70 acres of beginner and intermediate terrain, one lift and a base lodge. 

Without snowmaking, the North Resort relies on natural snow and, with several light winters, it was only just today that the mountain finally opened. 

 Today is a great day in Mountain Highs history, said Karl Kapuscinski, President and CEO. 

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Olympian JJ Thomas visits Snow Valley

2318-jack.jpgCome on out for some fun in the sun today at Snow Valley. The resort will features games, giveaways and a jib jam.

The big event is sponorsed by VitaminWater. Olympian snowboarder JJ Thomas, VitaminWater spokesman, will sign autographs and share some snowboarding tips.

My boys from JACK FM will broadcast live from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you don’t know this radio station, you don’t know JACK.

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Make that another four feet of powder


My friends at the Tamarack Ski Resort in Idaho report almost four feet of new snow over the past week. And I thought we got a lot of rain. Good grief, you’d need a snorkel to plow through that much snow.

Since Sept 29, the brand new resort has recorded 151 inches of snowfall. To us mathematically challenged skiers, that’s almost 13 feet of snow if I did the math right.

Best of all the resort has not been discovered by many people, although I did have breakfast with a couple from Orange County who had just bought a home on the slopes. Go figure!

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Swiss single out speeding skiers

You’re not going to believe this. But the Swiss are running radar traps on their ski slopes! What’s next flashing blue lights and sirens?

This week, Swiss ski patrols began treating skiers and snowboarders like cars on the autobahn. The patrol is using handheld radars to check speeds.

Skiers can’t go faster than 19 miles per hour. Don’t know what happens if you’re really cooking in a ski school zone!

I guess the Swiss think the slopes are getting a little too dangerous. Don’t know about you but I have no idea how fast I can ski.

What do you think? Ready for some high speed pursuits?




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Hey slow down dudes!

2180-careful.jpgMoutain High’s own John McColly made the big time this morning, appearing on a video segment of ABC’s Good Morning America.

McColly was interviewed about the problem of speeding skiers.

“Our biggest concern is injury. A, them getting hurt themselves either temporarily or permanently and B, is liability for the resort,” the Mountain High spokesman told ABC News.

McColly warned that the resort is pulling the passes from erratic snowboarders who don’t heed the warnings.

“We give them one warning. And then if we see it happen again, we pull their pass and in some cases we’ll pull a season pass if it continues,” he said.

Words to live by, we all have to share the slopes together.

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Party time at Mountain High

2179-party.jpgParty, partyy, partyyyy!

Mountain High Ski Resort will throw a big party every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks. In addition to two for one lift tickets, the resort will throw a party with music, contests and gifts.

Today, the first 1,000 guests will receive a free goodie bag from Fuel TV. The DC Team Grudge Match will be presented by Active Ride Shops.

The Edge Radio will provide entertainment during the day, with DJ Slipmat playing from 5 to 9 p.m.

Co-sponsor Skinnie Magazine Party will throw a big party on Jan. 30 with DJs, vendors, drink specials and more. So come on out and enjoy a Winter Wednesday.

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Bear Mountain gets fresh dump of snow


Gotta Love It! Bear Mountain Ski Resort has reported 16-20 inches of new snow from the big winter storm that passed through over the weekend.

The system cleared out Monday, leaving excellent ski conditions at the local resort. The Bear is reporting a machine groomed packed powder surface with a base of 20 to 36 inches.

So drive up and beat the weekend crowds! 

Check out the latest news about Bear Mountain Ski Resort in my Savvy Skier report in the Highlander section at

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