Video wars break out at Mountain High

You have to check out the Video Wars at Mountain High

They are amazing. I wasn’t sure what kind of quality the contest might draw, but since we live near Hollywood I guess I should have expected something great.

Think of them as our own Academy Awards for snowboarders.  

I loved the best video by Mike Benson below. It made me laugh out loud in the office, which always draws attention. I thought the astronaut sequence in the beginning was a blast.

Best editing went to Gregory Scott. Some of his fast forwards gave me vertigo, and I thought some of the cuts were too jumpy for my tastes, but it is still a great job.

I thought the falls in the best riding video by Mark Biggins were hilarious. Their is some serious riding in this video so the guys are obviously really good. But they also included their falls, which makes the video all the more realistic.

Congratulations to all the winners. Great job, see you someday at the Oscars!  

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