Right stuff at Wrightwood

The results are in. The $25,000 Cholula Triple Air Show and Monster Boarder Babes was reportedly one of the best contests of the year at Mountain High Ski Resort in Wrightwood.  

Resort officials said this will be remembered as the year where amateurs threw down and took the top spots.
Here’s a list of the winners:

Open Womens:
Mary Sallah                 
Nicki Slechta               
Laurie Currier             
Bethany Lamrecht      
Jamie Madrid                
Nirvana Ortanez            

Open Mens:

Sam Hulbert             
Brandon Reis                
Mac Spedale                
Nick Sibayan
Greg Bokenkamp         
Matts Kuli
Zach Stone                  
Forest Schmidt              
Alex Dawoud                 
Kyle Lopiccolo            
Ian Thorley                
Jared Dawoud              
Randy Marino                
Cody Rosenthel              
Austin Granger              
Joe Eddy

Best Trick:  

Sam Hulbert     Switch Back 900   



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