Sweet deal at Mountain High


Sweetheart! sweetheart! sweetheart!

And a pretty sweet deal! Mountain High Ski Resort is offering a special deal this Valentine’s Day.

Couples get two eight-hour or two night tickets, two glasses of champagne and two desserts for $99. Who said you can’t be romantic and still get some boarding in, dude!

That’s cheaper than dozen longstem roses! And your sweetie will remember this unique gift.

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Dead skunk in the middle of the slope

Dear Savvy Skier,

I went skiing at Snow Summit (in Big Bear Lake) this weekend, and I noticed a lot of snowboarders parked on the slope in the path of other skiiers and boarders. These snowboarders sat in groups, rows and large patches throughout the slopes. They didn’t seem to have just fallen; in fact, they looked like there were enjoying the view, socializing with friends, catching their breath or just drinking in the crisp mountain air. Navigating through all these people made the slope more difficult than it actually should be. Isn’t it dangerous to sit in the middle of the path? Why do these snowboarders do it? And why doesn’t the ski patrol put a stop to it?

– Concerned Skiier.


Dear Concerned Skier,

Yes, it seems groups of skiers think it’s alright to make our trails into slalom runs. The only difference is instead of hitting a pole when you miss a turn, you’re running over a person!

While experienced skiers can usually negotiate these obstacle courses with some difficulty, beginning snowboarders don’t always have the control needed to avoid these social gatherings in the middle of the slope.

They then have to choose between crashing, shooting off the edge of the trail or hitting the idiot chatting in the middle of the run. That’s why we’re all taught to stop on the sides of the slopes. It’s a commom courtesy that obviously isn’t as common as it used to be.

Of course, the same people will walk down the middle of the street instead of using the sidewalk. So yes, it is dangerous to stop in the middle of the slope for both skiers as well as the people sitting down.

I don’t know what the ski patrols position is on this, though we would all like to hear. What do the rest of you think about this growing problem?


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Gotta have that H2O

A So Cal classic returns Sunday, pitting the best surfers against H2O boarders of the snowy type.

The awesome event combines a day of surfing at Huntington Beach Pier, dude, with a day on the mountain. This slopestyle competition will determine the overall Pro, Amateur and Industry board riders.

The event has seeds for 12 invited pro surfers and 12 invited pro snowboarders.  Two dozen amateurs and 12 industry shakers will also battle it out in their own divisions.

Past athletes have included Terje Haakonsen, Dave Downing, Jamie Lynn, CJ Hobgood, Christian Fletcher, Shane Beschen, Keith Malloy, and Gabe Taylor, along with 3-time overall champion, Troy Eckert.

Just try to remember to use the right board for the right H2O!

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I’m King of the Hill


Watch rock stars battle it out for slopestyle supremacy in the second annual King of the Hill Celebrity Slopestyle on Saturday, Feb. 9.

The big event features a rocking vendor fair, as well as live music all day from the Skeletones and guests.



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Bear, Summit honor police and firemen

2609-bear4.jpgLaw enforcement, EMS, firefighters and active military are invited to enjoy a day of skiing at  Bear Mountain and Snow Summit.

The two resorts will hold  uniform days on the following dates:
February 7, 8, March 14, 15, and April 7, 8.

 Take your valid identification to any Bear Mountain or Snow Summit ticket window and you will receive a $35 lift ticket.

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Safety not out of bounds

Got a call from the Ski Patrol over the weekend. They wanted to ask skiers and snowboarders to PLEASE not ski out of bounds.

With all the heavy snow we’ve been experiencing, it’s dangerous to ski off trail because of the avalanche danger. The ski patroller said they had 10 skiers reported out of bounds the day they were searching for the avalanche victims.

The situation is also dangerous for the ski patrol, who have to go out and search for any missing skiers. We’ll be talking to the avalanche experts later this week.

So stay safe and stay in bounds.


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Sponsor Me contest set at Mountain High


Active’s SPONSOR ME competition will be held Saturday, Feb. 2, at Mountain High Ski Resort in Wrightwood.

This is “THE” contest for up-and-coming riders.  Winners could go home with a one-year sponsorship from Active, Mountain High, Rome, Von Zipper, and Vans.

There are three divisions: Open, Women’s and Groms. The entry fee is only $25 and a $25 lift ticket make the event a great deal.

Registration will be open 7-9 a.m. in the West Lodge.  Riders under 18 years of age must have the signature of a parent or guardian. Check out the waiver at www.mthigh.com. Helmets MUST be worn.

Practice runs begin at 8:30 a.m. with competition starting at 9:30 a.m. Awards will follow in the West Lodge.

So good luck to all our young riders!


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