Cholula Triple Air announces winners

23605-Anderson.jpgThe 11th Annual $25,000 Cholula Triple Air Show went off Saturday,
Feb. 7, at Mountain High in Wrightwood. Some 75 riders from across
the country threw down for their share of a $25,000 cash purse.

weather held off just enough for Danny Toumarkine to stake his claim on a hot
$10,000 in cash with Stacie Anderson pulling in $4,000 for the women.

 Riders were stoked on one of the
most unique setups the contest has ever seen; a sick hip to double jump line
built by Mountain High’s Faultline Terrain Park Crew. Standout riders
included Spencer Link, Nick Sibayan, Tyler Flanagan, Ian Thorley, and Laurie
Currier with the top 16 men and top six women advancing to a best of two run

 Toumarkine threw down a back rodeo
seven melon over the hip, to back seven indy, to front nine lien for his ten
grand. Anderson
got her four g’s with a huge nose grab over the hip, to indy nose poke,
to front three mute. West coast shreds came from spots like Mammoth and Tahoe, while
others came from Park City and as far away as Europe,
to enjoy the packed powder conditions from the recent three foot storm.

 Thanks to Monster Energy, Powder
& Sun Boardshop, Jarritos Soda, and title sponsor Cholula Hot Sauce for
turning Mountain High’s biggest event of the season into the hottest big
air event north of the border.

 Catch the webcast of the Cholula
Triple Air from at
at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 10, REELcomp’s webcast includes
audio commentary from the announcers, four camera angles on the course, a live
chat room for at-home observers, interviews with athletes, and award ceremony coverage.

 First held in snowboarding’s
method-grabbing heyday of 1998, the Cholula Triple Air Show was created as a
corner-stone event for Mountain High. The legacy of big-name competitors who
have stepped up to the hottest big air event north of the border include Shaun
White, Kevin Pearce, Matt Hammer, Keegan Valaika, Hana Beaman, and Laurie


11th Annual $25,000 Cholula
Triple Air



1st        $10,000
– Danny Toumarkine

2nd       $ 
3,000 – Brode Merrill

3rd        $ 
1,500 – Brandon

4th        $ 
1,000 – Jye Kearney

5th        $    
525 – Spencer Link

6th        $    
500 – Nicolas Sibayan

7th        $    
300 – Cody Rosenthal

8th        $    
275 – Zack Hale

9th        $    
250 – Alex Dawooud

10th      $    
225 – Ian Thorley

11th      $   
175 – Greg Bokenkamp

12th      $   
160 – Brandon Reise

13th      $   
150 – Danny Thomas

14th      $   
150 – Matt Guntent

15th      $   
150 – Tyler Flanagan

16th      $   
150 – Steven Brown



1st        $4,000
– Stacie Anderson

2nd       $2,000
– Elise Borelli

3rd        $1,000
– Laurie Currier

4th        $ 
500 – Nicki Slechta

5th        $ 
350 – Dana Treland

6th        $ 
150 – Isabelle Lalive


Best Trick

$  1,500 – Danny


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