3rd Rail Jam set for Mountain High on March 6


Combining the country’s best amateur skiers and riders with hip hop culture, the 3rd Rail Jam will roll into Mountain High Ski Resort in Wrightwood on March 6.

The sic event will feature a series of
winner-takes-all rail jams, slopeside graffiti art, MC battles, hip hop
music and live performances by Grammy-nominated rapper Slick Rick.

Up to 150 riders will compete for cash prizes and a limited edition
Launch Snowboard designed by graffiti legend Pose2. In addition to the
rail competition, there will be live painting by some of the most
notorious graffiti crews in the United States

Battle Below Zero,” a freestyle MC competition will pit eight local MCs
against one another. Vendors Under Armour, Skull Candy, Turbine, and Kangol will display their new lines and give away
products to lucky visitors.

Slick Rick will follow each rail jam
with after-parties that will include break dance crews.
Originally from England, the Grammy-nominated rapper set
the tunes for Snoop Dogg who covered Rick’s hit song, “La-Di-Da-Di,”
and is popularly known for his song, “Children’s Story,” often heard on
the dance floors of many night clubs, in addition to his role in
Jay-Z’s, “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

after the powered rail in the subways of New York City, the 3rd Rail
Jam offers a mix of skier and
rider competitions with hip hop music, graffiti and MC

competition is open to four divisions- 14 and under, all girls, best of
breed and skiers. For more information, or to register for the 3rd Rail
events, go to 

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