Try a Trikke at Mountain High ski resort

Want to try something different? Try renting a Trikke at Mountain High’s East Resort in Wrightwood. It’s a
fun new alternative to skiing and snowboarding.

Officials say the Trikke is a stand
up, on-snow device that is so easy to ride. Even guests who have never
been to the snow before can have fun carving down the mountain.

Trikkes require no extra equipment however waterproof boots, pants and a helmet are recommended.

-$35 for 4-Hours.
-A valid lift ticket or season pass is required.  Purchase tickets and Trikke rentals at any ticket window.
-Must be 13 years of age or older.  Guests under the age of 18 require a parent or guardian’s signature.

East Resort
-8:30am to 4:00pm daily.
-Trikkes are only allowed at the East Resort and only on the Mountain High Express.
-Please check the snow report prior to visiting to ensure the East Resort is open.

on its patented articulating camber technology, the Trikke is designed
for most groomed runs to fresh powder. It requires no bindings or
special boots. The rider simply leans with the steering column and the
three skis carve the turn. For those interested we recommend viewing the
educational video before the use of the Trikke. Most beginners find it
fun and exhilarating on the very first run.

Feel the control of skiing with handlebars. Feel the freedom of
riding without bindings. Feel something really new and really fun!

ride the Trikke users simply place one foot on the elongated foot bed,
push off, and place the other in the opposing bed. The handlebars
control the amount of turn and lean, and by steering left and right it
causes all three skis to rise up on their edge. The frame articulates as
well, allowing riders to camber or carve into any turn at while all
three skis remain on the ground. Therefore, each leg will flex &
extend independently, just like when carving a ski or snowboard. While
the edging experience is very similar, there are a few major differences
to traditional on-snow equipment: There are no bindings, the rider is
not strapped in, and the vehicle is designed to encourage a sense of
comfort while experiencing the thrill of gliding on the snow just as
skiers and snowboarders.

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