Ski resorts reporting two to four feet of new snow

Mammoth Mountain files this report about the weekend snow.

WOOOHOOOOO! The Top is now open and IT IS KILLER!!!  This was the perfect storm! It started wet and ended cold. All of the rocks are covered and the upper layer is dry and fluffy!
Mother Nature proved her power this weekend and today she rests for us to enjoy her bounty. Mammoth
Mountain received a total of 2 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours,
17 inches in the past 48 and 47 inches in the past 5 days!  

The storm days were epic and now the skies have cleared to give us our first view of the Top. The current temperature at Main Lodge is 10 degrees with calm winds
from the west and the Top Station is currently experiencing southwest
winds around 20 mph, with a temperature of 5 degrees.

The skies are expected to be partly sunny today, with a high near 22 degrees with northwest winds around 10 mph.

Eat your wheaties today, because it’s game time!

Mountain High says  this: ATTENTION POWDER PEOPLE: We’ve got snow & tons of it! 18-22
inches of amazing white powder fell at Mountain High this weekend and
today both the East and West Resorts are open with terrific conditions.
Make this a Monday to remember with some fresh snow at Mountain High.

Operating hours are 9am to 4pm today at both the East and West
Resorts. Night skiing will return this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Finally, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit had this to report:

Last weekend’s storm was quite the March Miracle. We received 28-32″ of
powder. The sun will be shining the rest of the week and we are looking
at a high of 35 degrees today.

The cool temps are a plus because they
will keep the new snow in its powdery state, so get out here and enjoy
the good stuff! Don’t let the sun fool you though, it’s going to be
chilly so bundle up!

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