Sunday picks

As we watch to see how the college football picks tonight work out, here are the pro picks for tomorrow.

Buffalo (+10) at Pittsburgh
I see the Bills coming out pretty pumped for this game. With the Kevin Everett saga, plus the fact that they took Denver to the wire, it will be a tough win for the Steelers.
Pittsburgh 21, Buffalo 17

Cincinnati (-7) at Cleveland
I don’t believe for a second that Chad Johnson is going to jump in the Dawg Pound. He may be crazy with his celebrations, but he’s not stupid enough to put himself in harm’s way of the Midwestern answer to the Black Hole. However, he probably will score quite a bit against the sorry Browns.
Cincinnati 31, Cleveland 10

Indianapolis (-7) at Tennessee
Yes, the Colts looked awesome in destroying the Saints last week. But Vince Young has this aura about him, and he did beat the Colts at home last year. I don’t know if the Titans are capable of that, but Vince will give Indy a bit of a run.
Indianapolis 23, Tennessee 19

Houston (+6.5) at Carolina
The first-ever David Carr Bowl will be better than you think. The Texans showed some real fiestiness in holding the Chiefs to 3 points, while the Panthers seem to be resuming their sweet-odd year, awful-even year pattern. I think Carolina’s passing attack is a little too much for Houston in this one.
Carolina 24, Houston 13

San Francisco (+3) at St. Louis
I must say I’m a little confused with the 49ers. They looked despicable on offense until the final drive on Monday, where Alex Smith, representing the old-school Joe Montana jersey, did a decent impersonation of him on that final drive. I do like Steven Jackson against that Niner D though.
St. Louis 26, San Francisco 20

Green Bay (+2.5) at N.Y. Giants
The Packers have slowly but surely built a pretty decent defensive corps. This game hedges on Eli Manning – if he plays, the Giants could win. If the Hefty Lefty, Jared Lorenzen, plays, the Pack is going to be 2-0.
Green Bay 20, N.Y. Giants 16

Atlanta (+10) at Jacksonville
The Joey Harrington era in the Dirty South was about as well executed as Britney Spears’ performance at the VMAs. Against the Jacksonville defense, the Falcons will yearn for Kevin Federline’s greatest hits.
Jacksonville 23, Atlanta 7

New Orleans (-3.5) at Tampa Bay
I really don’t care how bad the Saints looked against the Colts last Thursday. The Buccaneers redefine the world awful and I see Brees and Bush getting better in a big way.
New Orleans 28, Tampa Bay 13

Minnesota (+3) at Detroit
For the first time since perhaps the 2004 season, the Lions are actually favored. It’s for good reason though, as they gored a good Oakland defense for 36 points last week. Minnesota’s is good, but here’s to the Lions being the feel-good story of 2007.
Detroit 28, Minnesota 23

Dallas (-3.5) at Miami
Tony Romo certainly showed no hangover from his Bill Buckner-esque moment in the playoffs last January. I don’t see the Dolphins giving up 45, but the Dolphins will also take a month to score 45 as well. Against the ‘Boys, that won’t cut it.
Dallas 27, Miami 16

Seattle (-3) at Arizona
I smell an upset here for some reason. The Cardinals have the weapons to win this game and played well on defense, Alex Smith’s Montana impersonation aside. I’ll go out on a limb here.
Arizona 22, Seattle 20

N.Y. Jets (+10) at Baltimore
This must be the Kellen Clemens spread. I don’t see Baltimore as being potent enough to really score a lot, so I guess Vegas is assuming that the Ravens are going to smother the Jet offense. Probably not the worst assumption.
Baltimore 19, N.Y. Jets 6

Oakland (+10) at Denver
The Raiders were only competent for a quarter against the Lions, who aren’t going to be confused with the Monsters of the Midway even with beer goggles. Against Champ Bailey and Dre’ Bly, the Raiders will be hardpressed to do much of anything Sunday.
Denver 24, Oakland 12

Kansas City (+12) at Chicago
We know two things about the Chiefs: No. 1, the wives of Tony Gonzalez and Brodie Croyle are extremely easy on the eyes. No. 2: The Chiefs couldn’t score on prom night. While No. 1 is good for Tony and Brodie, No. 2 won’t help against a peeved Chicago team.
Chicago 28, Kansas City 7

San Diego (+3.5) at New England
Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater. Personally, I think the whole “cheating” thing is overrated and the Patriots were good regardless. But that, but LaDainian Tomlinson’s comments about it, give this game more subplots than an episode of “Moesha.” I think the Pats take this, but I personally am not putting a dime on this game.
New England 28, San Diego 27

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