Blast from the past

I arrived home from work after a long day of calling people and writing preview capusles and decided to turn on the television. The first thing that I see is the movie Necessary Roughness, the 1991 comedy about the Texas State Fighting Armadillos and their struggle to field a football team after basically being convicted of the Death Penalty.

A couple things struck me about watching this movie 15+ years after the fact. A) the fact that college teams had to choose between ties and going for 2 to win in regulation B) that the possible 44th president of the United States, Fred Thompson, was in this movie along with Sinbad, who actually went to school with my stepfather at the University of Denver before making mediocre movies such as Houseguest, Jingle All the Way with our current governor and in Goodburger alongside Shaquille O’Neal and c) somehow Southwest Texas State didn’t adopt the Fightin’ Armadillo as a mascot when it changed it’s name to Texas State a few years back and D) that Kathy Ireland was extremely hot. For evidence of that, check this website out. I expect you to thank me profusely.

Anyway, it was a great movie and a perfect lead-in to my college football pick of the night, Texas A&M against Miami. If you don’t trust my picking after last week’s 4-11-1 NFL debacle, although I was 5-6 in the college games, here’s a quiz for you to take. If you pass it, here’s A&M-Miami.

Texas A&M (+2.5) at Miami
The Aggies do a lot of weird things at games. Some are cool, like kissing your date after every A&M score, but others are just plain weird, like hissing instead of booing and having a bunch of dudes in tight uniforms called yell leaders teaching the A&M students to cheer. For my money, I’ll take The Song Girls over these dudes.
Anyway, with that out of my system, to the game. Miami isn’t exactly the team they were when they were hanging with 2 Live Crew but I can’t recall A&M beating a non-Big XII team with a pulse on the road. They won’t tonight either.
Miami 20, Texas A&M 16

There will be more picks to come. If you think my picking stinks, throw me a message and tell me what I should be looking for instead of weird pictures.

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