Sunday NFL quickie picks

Being that I’m in Vegas and its 5 a.m., these picks are going to be brief. But since I was awful with the elongated version last week, that might be a good thing. So here we go, with home teams in all caps.

Indianapolis (-6.5) over HOUSTON
GREEN BAY (+6) over San Diego
KANSAS CITY (-3) over Minnesota
PHILADELPHIA (-5) over Detroit
NEW ENGLAND (-16.5) over Buffalo
N.Y. JETS (-3) over Miami
San Francisco (+9.5) over PITTSBURGH
BALTIMORE (-7.5) over Arizona
St. Louis (+3.5) over TAMPA BAY
DENVER (-3.5) over Jacksonville
SEATTLE (-3) over Cincinnati
Carolina (-4) over ATLANTA
WASHINGTON (-3.5) over N.Y. Giants
CHICAGO (-3) over Dallas

Monday night pick will come sometime tomorrow.

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