Bloomington assessment

Just got back from the Bloomington-Rancho Verde game in Moreno Valley. Actually, I think it’s closer to Perris, but that’s an aside. I’m happy to say that even though both my college picks didn’t cover the spread (thanks a lot TCU) I was pretty close in the Bloomington-Verde game, as 31-26 (my pick) was 38-28 after Rancho Verde returned a late fumble for a touchdown.
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Picks and fun

In celebrating my newfound responsiblity as blogger-guy, I’ve decided to do some game predictions. Yeah, I know the season has started, but I’m doing it anyway because I can. High school games will be straight-up, with college and pro games to be taken against the spread. I’ll take all the credit if you win a lot of these but if you turn out like this then it was the prep-dog’s fault, not mine. And you probably should stay away from the online bookies for a while.

To Thursday’s picks…
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Sun Top 10

The Sun’s prep football top 10, to be released in the paper tomorrow. I’m doing this real quick before I head to Oakland to watch my Lions take on the Raiders. Yeah, I’m a Lions fan, hard to believe.

1. Redlands East Valley (1-0)
2. Colton (1-0)
3. Los Osos (2-0)
4. Serrano (2-0)
5. Miller (2-0)
6. Colony (1-0)
7. Big Bear (2-0)
8. Don Lugo (2-0)
9. Chino Hills (0-1)
10. Upland (1-0)

Other teams considered were Apple Valley, Redlands, Hesperia, Etiwanda and Rim of the World. Feel free to give your opinions on this. Now off to Oakland.