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It’s a little weird to be talking about football with all the fires going on, but maybe a little football discussion is what we need. It certainly can’t hurt. So here’s my weekly top 10 ballot.

10. Chaffey
I was a little torn on who to throw in here. Colton certainly has made a case to be back in the poll with their consecutive workings of Cajon and San G, but Chaffey beat a team in La Quinta that Colton lost to. That may be somewhat arbitrary of a reason, but it works for me at this point. However, the Tigers are definitely on notice after being bombed by Colony.

9. Big Bear
I moved the Bears down a tick from last week, but it’s not for anything they did. It was more about what teams behind them (cough, Los Osos, cough) did instead. The Bears have a big showdown on the mountain against a one-loss and CIF-ranked Twentynine Palms squad. Beat the Wildcats and the Bears will move back up again I’m sure.

8. Colony
The Titans are the only new team in the poll and earned their ranking in a big way with the 41-20 win over previously-undefeated Chaffey. Does this mean that Colony is getting ready for another CIF push? It’s too early to tell on that, but you can’t argue that a 5-2 team with losses to Serrano and Upland isn’t deserving of some props.

7. Upland
I’ve been higher on Upland than most of my colleagues in past weeks, but I think everyone else is catching up to me. Or my opinion on the Highlanders has leveled off, one of the two. I like the Upland offense, but the defense, which has given up 39 or more points in three of their seven games, is a concern, especially with high-powered Los Osos coming up.

6. Arroyo Valley
Robert Fuller and Darious Hooker told me incessantly that last week’s game against San Bernardino was just another game. After seeing the Hawks win 35-3, I pretty much have got to believe them, as Arroyo treated San Berdoo like they have treated most of their opponents. They got a big game with Cajon this week, as a win basically gives AV a playoff spot.

5. Los Osos
I don’t know if Etiwanda was a wake-up call for the Grizzlies, but Los Osos certainly went bezerk on a pretty darn good Alta Loma defense in a 42-0 rout of the Braves. Talentwise, Los Osos can match up with most teams in Southern California. It’s just consistency that needs to be worked on, with some major work needed for this week against Upland.

4. Hesperia
The Scorpion defense domination tour was put on display in the battle for the Key of the city, which they won from Sultana for the first time since 2003. However, the Hesperia defense is slipping, having given up double-figure points in consecutive games for the first time this year. And yes, I say this with the utmost sarcasm.

3. Miller
I must admit that I had doubts about the Rebels going into Carter and winning. Carter, with their speedy, aggressive defense, seemed to be a decent foil for the Miller spread offense and quarterback A.J. Springer. Well it turns out that I’m not smart, as Springer and Miller sliced and diced the Lions in a 41-20 win. Seems like they are on a collison course with Redlands East Valley.

2. Serrano
I finally had a chance to see these guys on Friday, as I went up the mountain to watch the Diamondbacks face Rim of the World. I was definitely impressed, as the D-backs were as relentless and as efficient as I had heard they were. It was just amazing that every Rim mistake was turned into Serrano points. The Diamondbacks should have a great matchup with Hesperia next week, assuming they beat Apple Valley this week.

1. Redlands East Valley
The scores that the Wildcats are serving up in the Citrus Belt League season have been frought with ridiculousity. Ridiculousity isn’t a real word, but what the Wildcats are doing to their opponents isn’t exactly real right now. After beating Rialto 61-0, REV now has a 209-6 point advantage in its league games. I’m sure Carter will do a little better than Ike, Fohi, Yucaipa and Rialto did, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Lions were treated rudely as well.

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