Sunkist League breakdown

If you thought the San Andreas League was complicated, the Sunkist League is really going to blow your mind. Even if the status quo holds, there will be a three-way coin flip to decide all three seeds coming from the league. You might want coffee or Red Bull before reading this.

1. Jurupa Valley (6-3, 3-1)
The Jaguars are sailing through uncharted waters, as they have a chance not only to get to the playoffs for the first time but to notch a league title as well, All they have to do is defeat Summit Thursday and the Jags are golden. What seed they’ll be in that case depends on what happens in the other league games. If Bloomington and Kaiser wins, a three-way coin flip to decide all three seeds, as Jurupa beat Kaiser who beat Bloomington who beat Jurupa. If Bloomington wins and Kaiser loses, Jurupa is the No. 2 seed. If Kaiser wins and Bloomington falls, Jurupa is the No. 1 seed.
If Jurupa is shocked by Summit, a whole mess of things could occur. A Kaiser win gives Jurupa a spot without a flip and the No. 3 seed regardless. Losses by Kaiser and Bloomington would set up a four-way flip between those three and Norte Vista for all three spots. Yeah, I think I’ve gone crosseyed.

2. Bloomington (5-4, 3-1)
A lot of the same mumbo-jumbo for Jurupa exists for Bloomington. If the Bruins defeat Patriot on Friday, they are in no matter what happens in the other games. If Jurupa and Kaiser win, its a three-way flip for seeding. If Jurupa wins and Kaiser loses, Bloomington is the No. 1 seed. If Kaiser wins and Jurupa loses, the Bruins are the No. 2 seed.
If Bloomington gets upset, a lot could happen. If Kaiser and Jurupa both win, Bloomington is safe as the No. 3 seed. If Jurupa wins and Kaiser loses, there’s a three-way flip between the Bruins, Cats and Norte Vista for the final two spots. If Kaiser wins and Jurupa loses, the Bruins are the No. 2 seed. If both Kaiser and Jurupa lose, then the four-way battle-royale coin flip occurs.

3. Kaiser (3-6, 3-1)
Like the other two, Kaiser can win and its in. A win plus Jurupa and Bloomington wins means a three-way coin flip. A win, a Jurupa win and a Bloomington loss would make Kaiser the No. 2 seed, while a win, a Bloomington win and a Jurupa loss would give Kaiser its customary top seed from the Sunkist.
But a loss Thursday against Norte Vista can eliminate it pretty easily, as wins by Bloomington and Jurupa coupled with a loss would knock Kaiser out, as Norte Vista would take the head-to-head tiebreaker. Kaiser would also be eliminated if it lost, Jurupa lost and Bloomington won, as Jurupa would own the tiebreaker over both and Norte Vista would have the tiebreaker over the Cats. However, a Bloomington loss would cause a coin flip, either with three teams if Jurupa won or four teams if Jurupa lost.

4. Norte Vista (2-7, 2-2)
Now this should be a little easier. Basically, the Braves have to win to have any chance of making the playoffs. It will make the playoffs without a headache with a win over Kaiser and a Bloomington win. It doesn’t matter if Jurupa wins or loses – Norte Vista is the No. 3 seed regardless – as long as Bloomington wins.
However, if Bloomington does lose, complications arise. A Bloomington loss with a Jurupa win would cause a three-way flip for two spots, as Bloomington beat Norte Vista who beat Kaiser who beat Bloomington. Losses by both would cause a four-way tie at 3-2 and a mega coin-flip extravaganza.

5. Patriot (2-7, 1-3)
6. Summit (2-7, 0-4)
Neither of these teams will make the playoffs under any scenario, barring unforseen forfeits. But as you can tell from the run-on sentences above, they could make it quite a scene regardless.

Let me know how you think the Sunkist is going to fall, and the San Andreas for that matter.

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