South region time

This might be the most wide-open of regions going into the Sweet 16, which makes sense because it was the most wide-open region coming in. Unlike other regions, which had the Western Kentuckys and Washington States of the world advance, you can name any of the four teams left and see them in the Final Four. With Memphis, Texas, Stanford and Michigan State, you have teams that have been there before or have an excess of talent.
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West region again

I might not have been right about everything in the West region (far from it actually) but one thing I nailed was that there would be whining about the officiating in a UCLA game. That happened in the Bruins’ second-round game against Texas A&M, as a controversial no-call in the final seconds helped UCLA escape with a 51-49 victory Saturday.
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East Region Part Deux

Well, I must say my picks last week were a mixed bag. My upset specials were all horrid and stunk to high heaven and I was completely wrong to say that Villanova was a fraud, but I must say I was right about telling people to stay away from Vandy and Pitt and bet high on West Virginia. Anyone who rolled the dice on Michigan State, like I advocated in the South Region breakdown, is playing with house money at this point.

Well, with the field down to 16, I’ll be breaking down each game individually from now on. Let’s do this, starting with the East Region.
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