UCLA going down?

I must say Xavier has become my albatross in this tournament, as the Musketeers continue to punish me for my insolence. For two weeks now, I keep talk about how Xavier is ripe for a fall. For two weeks now, the Muskies have given me a middle finger.

Now Xavier going against UCLA, who while winning, isn’t exactly earning style points. Last night saw Western Kentucky, with the red blob mascot that looks either like Grimace’s cousin or a reject from the Island of Misfit Toys, almost erase a 21-point deficit. Etiwanda graduate Darren Collison looks overmatched against Tyrone Brazelton – being outscored 31-4 before fouling out with over five minutes left in the game. Meanwhile, Xavier coolly dispatched a sneaky-good West Virginia team in overtime.
UCLA seems to be asking to lose, or at least intent on creating drama. Only beating a offensively-meek Texas A&M team by two points thanks to a controversial non-foul? Letting Western Kentucky come back from 21 down to pull within four late? Yikes.
I should pick Xavier. But Ive been picking against the Musketeers this entire tourney and Im too stubborn to change now.

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