REV goes to Chavez Ravine

And I get to follow. This will be the first of however many blogs I write from Dodger Stadium as I participate in REV’s adventurous trip to a (possible) CIF title. With that said, the trip to Dodger Stadium wasn’t nearly as daunting as I thought it would be.

At the advice of my superiors, I left the office in Ontario at 5 p.m. I had been to Dodger Stadium one time for a game (a game where I saw Robert Patrick – the bad Terminator from Terminator 2 – LC from Laguna Beach and the Hills (quite hot), and the Miz from Real World: Back to New York and countless Real World/Road Rules Challenges), but I was still wary of the legendary Dodger Stadium traffic situation.

But surprisingly, I made it to Dodger Stadium at 5:45 – a full 105 minutes from scheduled first pitch. I had no real interest in being at the park that early – for good reason, as the game is 25 minutes from starting as I write this drivel – so I hung a right and decided to have a meal in Chinatown.

As I’m driving through Chinatown, I see a sign for Foo Chow restaurant – which is the establishment that Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan make a mockery of in Rush Hour. Of course, that made it an obvious choice for dinner. It was much smaller and less colorful than it looked in the movie, but the General Zor’s Chicken I had was pretty darn tasty. Definitely tastier than the Dodger Dogs that the rest of the media is shoveling into their mouths as I type.

Anyway, I find it ridiculous that this game is supposed to start at 8 p.m., as the previous game – a Division III title tilt won by Sherman Oaks Notre Dame over West Covina South Hills 4-2 – concluded at 6:45. While no one really cares about a newspaper’s deadline besides the actual newspaper – there’s no reason to wait 75 minutes in between games. If the major leagues can clear a stadium in 35 minutes in between games of a doubleheader, there’s no way a high school game needs an extra 40 minutes. Right now someone is taking pictures of the umpires on the field as I see the time before I send in a quoteless gamer dissipate before my eyes.

There, I got all that out of my system, so let’s plays ball. They are now announcing the teams, which should take another 15-30 minutes.

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