Chatwood to go pro, forgo UCLA

I wasn’t surprised by this in the least, but REV’s Tyler Chatwood officially nixed any plans to play college baseball at UCLA, where he signed a letter of intent. In talking to him for the preview story which ran today, Chatwood indicated that he would likely sign a pro contract if he was drafted high enough. He reiterated that stance just a little bit ago during a conference call with Angels’ head scout Eddie Bane.

Considering his second-round appointment to the Angels, a local team that employs his high school coach, Steve Hernandez, as a scout, Chatwood’s response of “Not at all” to the question of whether he’d play for UCLA was expected.

Another interesting tidbit from the conference call was the Angels’ plan to make Chatwood, despite his smallish height and a moderated Tommy John surgery two years ago, a pitcher. Bane went as far to say that a Sunday workout at Angels Stadium would “be the last time” Chatwood “would swing a bat in his life.” That’s somewhat overdramatic, but the point was made pretty clear.

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