Week 3 top 25

Here’s my top 25 for this week. Arizona State takes the huge tumble of the week after being upset by UNLV at home.

1) USC (1) – The Trojans pretty much put a hammerlock on this spot by destroying Ohio State on Saturday. Beanie Wells or not, 35-3 is pretty impressive.

2) Georgia (2) – The polls dropped the Bulldogs for a 14-7 win over South Carolina. I won’t, because inter-conference road games are always tough.

3) Oklahoma (3) – Just rolling along after smacking down feckless Washington.

4) Florida (5) – Gators didn’t play, but move up anyway. Thanks Ohio State.

5) Missouri (6) – Three games, three wins where the Tigers have scored 50 or more points.

6) LSU (7) – Didn’t let remnants from Ike dampen a 41-3 rout of North Texas.

7) Texas (9) – Horns move up two despite having their game with Arkansas pushed back two weeks because of Ike.

8) Texas Tech (10) – The Red Raiders smacked down SMU. They basically moved up because they looked less feeble than other teams.

9) Wisconsin (11) – Gotta give the Badgers credit here. Winning at Fresno State is no small task.

10) Auburn (8) – Tigers win on the road in-conference, but drop because they won 3-2. Guess Auburn grad Frank Thomas hit a three-run shot in the seventh.

11) Ohio State (4) – Buckeyes were beat up and beat down by USC. But they’ll be back toward the top of the Big Ten.

12) Alabama (13) – Tide did well against Western Kentucky. Western Kentucky just joined Division I-A last year.

13) Oregon (16) – Ducks get a bump after a gutty OT comeback win at Purdue.

14) East Carolina (15) – Tulane almost upset the Pirates and killed their BCS-buster dreams. But the Pirates survived the “letdown game”.

15) BYU (17) – UCLA fans will be having the shakes over losing 59-0 to BYU Saturday for weeks, if not years.

16) South Florida (18) – The Bulls’ last-second field goal win over Kansas saved the reputation of the flagging Big East – for now.

17) Penn State (20) – The Nits have looked pretty great in their first three games. Of course, Coastal Carolina, Oregon State and Syracuse aren’t exactly a murderer’s row.

18) Wake Forest (19) – Moved up despite not playing. Have a big one this week at Florida State.

19) Kansas (12) – Jayhawks get seven-spot drop for a loss, but a Friday night loss on the road to a top 20 team isn’t the end of the world.

20) Utah (22) – The Utes’ signature win at Michigan has probably lost some luster, but their 42-14 win over UNLV last week has definitely gained some back.

21) Clemson (21) – The Tigers beat N.C. State, who looks really bad. Still not sold on Clemson moving up any time soon.

22) West Virginia (24) – Mountaineers will get a decent test Thursday at Colorado.

23) Illinois (NR) – Illinois’ 20-17 win over Louisiana-Lafayette didn’t really do much for me, but a lot of losses in this region of the rankings moved it up.

24) Vanderbilt (NR) – This is definitely my shocker of the week, but the Commodores have looked good in going 3-0. They are definitely a sleeper.

25) Virginia Tech (NR) – It wasn’t pretty, but that win over Georgia Tech was a good one. Plus, that ECU loss isn’t looking so bad anymore.

On the cusp: Tennessee, Florida State, Fresno State, Arizona State, TCU

Dropped: No. 15 Arizona State (lost to UNLV), No. 23 California (lost at Maryland), No. 25 Fresno State (lost to Wisconsin).

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