A hairy situation

I have to say that the Los Angeles Crenshaw-Miller game was one of the more entertaining games I’ve covered in a while. The action itself was pretty good, though kind of erratic, as the chess match between Jeff Steinberg’s spread offense and the Crenshaw defense – which had some truly huge human beings – was definitely something a football fan could appreciate.

I also appreciated the Crenshaw band. The Cougar band stole the halftime show, marching out with horns blaring, drums drumming and members marching in a highly-regimented style that more resembled a college band than anything I’ve seen in high school. The drummers were intense, invoking images from the movie Drumline starring Nick Cannon, while the dancers and color guard were pretty into their routines.

In fact, the dancers were so into their routines that one of them lost their weave while executing a manuever toward the end of the performance. The girl was a champ, continuing her routine without fail as her hair sat on the 40-yard line, where it would remain until a second before the two teams returned for the second half. I’m sure it was a moment that the dancer would want to forget, but she gets credit for not losing her cool and finishing her performance.

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