Week 4 predictions

The games start counting for real this weekend, with the Citrus Belt League starting its season. That means that my picks will start counting for a bit more this week, at least emotionally.

I fell off from my one-loss performance of week 2 with a 17-5-2 mark last week, but I’m giving myself bonus points for nailing the exact score of the Etiwanda-Carter game (36-10 for those wondering). Anyway, here we go for Week 4.


Yucaipa at Redlands East Valley
The Wildcats’ D has gotten stingier as the season has gone on, giving up only six points to Compton Dominguez last week. The Dons are down from what they normally are, but good defense is good defense. Yucaipa has shown some explosion at times this year and while REV is still a work in progress offensivley, it will stay undefeated.
Redlands East Valley 24, Yucaipa 12

Miller at Rialto
Apparently the Orkin man has come to Rialto High School and expunged the pesky ants from the football field. The Knights have been pestered by a lack of offense, as they have been blanked during the last two games. That doesn’t bode will against a Miller team with some sting in it.
Miller 23, Rialto 3

Carter at Eisenhower
Big status game for both. While the Lions aren’t considered the elite of the league, they do have two consecutive playoff berths. To get to the playoffs, something that hasn’t been done at Ike since 2004, Carter is a team the Eagles need to beat. I think they will, though it won’t be easy.
Eisenhower 24, Carter 20

Redlands at Fontana
One team has a win coming in and surprise, its not the Terriers. However, Redlands played three tough teams in Vista Murrieta, Clovis East and LA Carson, so Fontana’s 28-0 win over San Bernardino won’t have much of an impact. Redlands gets in the W column in a big way.
Redlands 33, Fontana 7


Colton at Silverado
This game gets going in an hour, so I’ll pick it now. I saw the Yellowjackets pull victory from the jaws of defeat (cliche’ alert) against Palm Springs last week and realize that while Colton has a ways to go, they have some heart. Silverado has got to be sick of playing good teams, a sickness that will continue as the Hawks become the best 0-5 team in the state.
Colton 14, Silverado 6

Barstow at Hesperia
I think Barstow goes out of its way to mess with me. I’m 100 percent convinced of this. I finally jump on the Aztec bandwagon and they fall to Quartz Hill. Quartz Hill is good, mind you, but still, throw me a bone. Barstow hopes Hesperia throws them a bone this year, but the Scorpions are flat pile-driving people right now.
Hesperia 30, Barstow 13

Serrano at Colony
The two-time defending Central Division champion Titans finally got their first win of the 2008 season last week. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they have to play Serrano, who backhanded them 49-14 last season. That may serve as some motivation to Colony, but they are too young to do much about it.
Serrano 28, Colony 14

Los Osos at Kaiser
While it was a nonleague game against a very good Vista Murrieta team, Los Osos has to be somewhat peeved in blowing a 21-7 lead on the road last week. Kaiser, as usual, has a beast of a nonleague schedule, making Los Osos a perfect fit. The Cats don’t quite have the firepower necessary to hang with the Grizzlies.
Los Osos 20, Kaiser 9

Chino Hills at San Gorgonio
This Chino Hills team isn’t nearly as star-studded as last year’s version, but they might actually be a good thing for the Huskies, who have shown quite a bit of grit in going 3-0. San G has dazzled at times during its first three games in going 1-2 and will have to continue to do that. I think it will, as I’m picking the upset.
San Gorgonio 24, Chino Hills 22

Alta Loma at Arroyo Valley
In many leagues, the Braves would be a playoff contender. But unless something drastic happens, I think Alta Loma is destined for fifth in the Baseline League. Arroyo Valley has done a good job with a patchwork offense and should be able to tough this one out as well.
Arroyo Valley 17, Alta Loma 13

Other games of note:
Arrowhead Christian 23, Yucca Valley 17
Upland 45, Bloomington 3
Cajon 16, La Quinta 10
Etiwanda 31, Chino 20
Granite Hills 27, Cathedral City 6
Twentynine Palms 28, Oak Park 16
Chaffey 36, Pacific 7
Indio 27, Rim of the World 23
Apple Valley 24, San Bernardino 6
Aquinas 34, San Pedro Mary Star of the Sea 14
Victor Valley 24, Sultana 21

Overall record: 71-15-3

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  • San G. over Chino Hills? You’re probably out of your mind, as usual, but I’ll let you know — I’m stringing the game for you-know-who.


    Hesperia will actually play a team that has won a game tonight!

  • TJ Berka


    San G has some athletes to watch, namely RB Tre Meadors and QB T.J. Smith. I just think Chino Hills might have a letdown after the Diamond Ranch game. We’ll see if I know anything at all.

  • Teej,

    Well, I won’t say “I told you so,” cause your guess was as good as mine, but Chino Hills ran circles around San G.

    Meaders was ineffective; Smith is an outstanding athlete, albeit very inconsistant; and Chino Hills O-Line was dominant, to the tune of nearly 300 yards rushing.