Berhe recruitment picking up

Despite missing the first four games of the season with shin spints and a torn calf muscle, Division I-A colleges aren’t backing off of Colton cornerback Nat Berhe. In fact, its starting to pick up.

“We’ve had recruiters on campus the last couple of weeks checking out Nat,” Colton coach Harold Strauss said. “UCLA’s been by and I know Arizona State is interested.”

That interest is a relief to Berhe, a three-star recruit according to who received scholarship offers from Minnesota, New Mexico and San Diego State over the summer. With the injury, therefore the lack of senior film to send to coaches, Berhe was starting to stress a bit.

“He wanted to play earlier because he felt pressure to get some film up out there and keep the recruiters’ interest,” Strauss said. “But I told him that he’s have over a half-season of film and that he’d make a better case for himself at full strength. He’s really played well these last two weeks back.”

Berhe is already planning official visits to UTEP and Boise State, with UTEP coming up in the next couple of weeks. Recruits get five official visits, and Berhe plans to use his final three on schools that show an increasing amount of interest these next couple of weeks. Strauss thinks that Pac-10 schools such as Arizona State, who he thinks may be on the verge of offering, will comprise those last visits.

“I think the Pac-10 schools are just waiting for one school to offer,” Strauss said. “That offer could come any day. When it does, I bet you’ll see the rest follow shortly.”

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