Week 8 top 10

I’ll admit, anywhere from No. 4 to No. 7 was absolutely brutal to rank this week. Luckily, there are a lot of games between top 10 teams this week that will clear things up.

1. Redlands East Valley (7-0)
I was ready to drop the Wildcats if Upland had won. Los Osos won though, giving REV a stay of execution despite struggling with Carter. However, if the Wildcats can oust Miller this week, their legitimacy for the top spot won’t be questioned.

2. Miller (7-0)
The Rebels have been arguably the most impressive team in the CBL this season and I almost made them No. 1 after their 31-7 trouncing of Redlands. But with the Wildcats coming to town this week, I’ll let the Rebels earn their ranking.

3. Los Osos (6-1)
The Grizzlies jumped Hesperia and quite frankly, could have jumped Miller. Their win over Upland was just that good. With Cajon, Kaiser and Bishop Amat coming on, the Grizzlies’ resume is pretty strong. A win over Rancho Cucamonga Friday would only add to that.

4. Hesperia (7-0)
I gave the Scorpions the benefit of the doubt and didn’t drop them, because quite frankly, they haven’t done anything wrong. However, Upland, Cajon and Rancho could easily be in this spot. Hesperia will get its chance to cement its ranking with Serrano this week.

5. Upland (6-1)
I had the Scots down to seventh at one point, but I couldn’t justify dropping them five spots for a loss at a very-good Los Osos team. Plus, earlier wins over teams like Glendora, Colony and Serrano can’t be dismissed.

6. Cajon (6-1)
I had to be consistent here. I flipped Rancho over Cajon last week for a big win against a quality opponent, challenging the Cowboys to do the same. Cajon got a bigger win against maybe even a better opponent, so here it is. The loss to Los Osos looks better by the day.

7. Rancho Cucamonga (6-0-1)
I’m cowering in the corner, preparing for the inevitable tongue-lashing from the Cougar faithful. The reason I put Rancho here was the lack of quality wins, as Etiwanda is the only real standout win. However, a win over Los Osos Friday would launch Rancho over everyone else except the REV-Miller win.

8. Chino Hills (7-0)
This has to be the quietest undefeated team in a good league in memory. Chino Hills isn’t flashy, but the Huskies are extremely efficient. A preseason win over Colony is looking better by the day, but Chino Hills doesn’t quite have bang in that category as some of the teams above it. A win over Glendora this week would help that tremendously.

9. Serrano (5-2)
The Diamondbacks’ offense has been pretty explosive this year and Serrano prepped for its big showdown with Hesperia by smacking around a good Apple Valley team. It’ll be interesting to see if Serrano can keep MRL supremacy on the road.

10. Ayala (6-1)
The Sierra League gets another team in the rankings, and to be honest, this was a long time coming. Ayala has been right on the rankings fence for a month now and finally jumped over it with a 40-0 win over Diamond Bar.

Just missed the cut: Colony (4-3), Colton (4-2-1), Kaiser (3-3-1)
Dropped out: No. 8 Colton (4-2-1), No. 10 Summit (6-1)

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  • footballguy

    Wow. I agree with the ten, but how can you justify REV being at the top. Miller v. common oppoents Rialto, and Carter speak volumes. REV might have a running clock by the start of the 3rd quarter.

  • TJ Berka

    I think you have a point and in many circumstances, I would make that switch. But two things prevented me from doing that a) the fact that REV hasn’t lost and b) Miller and REV play Friday anyway. They’ll get a chance to sort it out on the field, rendering my thoughts moot.

  • NeKs

    Can’t wait to see glendora smash on the “Quietest Undefeated Team”(Chino Hills). Mediocre opponents thus far, no defense.. soft linemen… one maybe two playmakers..Coach Bub will lose his firs two in a row to the first real teams hes played… Overrated!

  • Gonzo

    glendora had to come from behind to squeek out a win over mighty damien, and ayala has no passing game. Chino Hills has a balanced offense with a defense that causes turnovers, so don’t be hatin’…

  • i.e.footballfan

    This paper is all about REV. Polls should switch if evidence warrents it. But like you said, you will not believe it until you see it. There must be noway in your mind that a Fontana school can beat the Mighty Mentone High. But you shall see soon.

  • TJ Berka

    I think Miller has a good shot to beat REV and I wouldn’t count on me necessarily picking the Wildcats. I just feel as if it will solve itself on the field, which is more tangible than my rankings (though I still want you to read them and comment away as you’ve done). Appreciate the input as always.

  • NeKs

    Allright gonzo if you call Damien coughing the ball up in open field six times a Chino Hills forced fumble….then you’re crazy. Good luck losing Friday..Chino Hills is Garbage and they’re ranked over Upland…Please.

  • Gonzo

    Neks, one can only feed on all your anger and hatred. Keep it comin’ we love it. I also wish your team the best of luck this week. Who knows?, you may need it.