week 9 top 25

Nothing too crazy at the top, but a lot of non-BCS schools in lofty places. Definitely tough to rank after No. 13 or so.

1. Texas (1) – Longhorns got a bit of scare from Oklahoma State, but they are 3-for-3 in their Big 12 gauntlet. A trip to Texas Tech awaits though.

2. Alabama (2) – A ho-hum victory over Tennessee, as Bama pummelled the lousy Vols. Its good to see them dominate a mediocre or worse team though.

3. Penn State (3) – Big win for the Nittany Lions, as they win at Ohio State for the first time in 30 years. Now it looks like smooth sailing to an undefeated record, as their toughest opponent (Michigan State) is at home.

4. Texas Tech (5) – I had them jump back over Oklahoma because quite frankly, I was impressed by them hanging 63 at Kansas. If Tech beats the Longhorns, it could be No. 1 next week.

5. Oklahoma (4) – Did nothing wrong, as they hung 55 in the first half on Kansas State. But Tech did enough to jump. I’m a little concerned with Oklahoma’s defense at this point though.

6. USC (6) – Didn’t look great against Arizona and I was considering jumping Florida here, but the Wildcats have improved and a win is a win.

7. Florida (7) – 63-5 over Kentucky looks good. If they beat Georgia this week, the Gators will jump some people.

8. Georgia (9) – A huge win at LSU bumps the Dawgs up and gives them some real momentum going into the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

9. Utah (11) – A bye gets the Utes into the top 10. But in a formidable Mountain West with an undefeated record, the praise is warranted.

10. Oklahoma State (10) – I’m not dropping the Cowboys for losing by 4 at Texas. Plus, there weren’t any teams below them that I really thought should pass them.

11. Boise State (13) – Boise is undefeated too, but I’m not quite ready to put them in the top 10 yet. Another win or two should do the trick though.

12. TCU (15) – A one-loss Mountain West team this high? What am I smoking? Well, TCU is smoking everyone it plays, and its loss is to Oklahoma. Not bad.

13. BYU (16) – Yes, another Mountain West team. Its nuts, as the Mountain West has three teams this high, more than the Big Ten (1), Pac 10 (1), ACC (0) and Big East (0) and equal to the SEC.

14. Ohio State (8) – Ohio State is the top two-loss team, at least for this week. The Buckeyes did blow a huge chance to sneak back in the title race though. Guess those are the travails of a true freshman QB.

15. Ball State (17) – There’s no way Ball State has ever been ranked this high. But David Letterman’s alma mater can play, led by junior QB Nate Davis.

16. Tulsa (20) – The Golden Hurricane was the reason I delayed this top 25, as they didn’t play until tonight. Tulsa is good, but not good enough to share with the NFL. Jerks.

17. Missouri (21) – What’s a good way to take out frustration for two straight losses? Beating the crud out of Colorado 58-0 apparently.

18. Florida State (25) – The big leapers in the poll this week, the Seminoles showed some spunk in beating Virginia Tech. If they do the same against Georgia Tech this upcoming weekend, they’ll jump some people.

19. LSU (12) – The Tigers not only lost at home, but gave up 50+ points for the second time this season. The defense is definitely an issue on the bayou.

20. Oregon (24) – The Ducks are kind of boring and kind of unimpressive, but there’s really not that much better out there. Trust me, I looked.

21. Minnesota (NR) – The Gophers, 1-11 last year, are now 7-1 and a borderline player in the Big Ten race. Tim Brewster deserves some coach of the year recognition for that.

22. California (NR) – Cal looked good against UCLA so it gets its spot in the rankings back. Plus, after the scare Zona gave to USC, Cal’s loss to them doesn’t look as bad.

23. South Florida (14) – I was tempted to keep the Big East out of this poll entirely. But South Florida sneaks in despite losing to Louisville. They are on watch though.

24. North Carolina (NR) – Throwing up 45 against Boston College is enough to impress me. Plus, Virginia’s surge makes that loss not seem as bad.

25. Michigan State (NR) – Yes, Michigan stinks. But the Spartans overcame some demons to the beat the Wolverines and are as good of choice as any for this spot.

Under consideration: Maryland, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame

Dropped out: No. 18 Pittsburgh (lost to Rutgers), No. 19 Kansas (lost to Texas Tech), No. 22 Georgia Tech (lost to Virginia), No. 23 Boston College (lost to North Carolina).

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