Walker starting to drum up interest

Because of the transfer from Rialto to Redlands East Valley, word on senior defensive back Gary Walker was slow to spread. But after a successful first seven games in a Wildcat uniform, schools are flocking to REV to see the 6-foot-1, 185-pound Walker in action.

“Arizona State has been by recently, they like him a lot,” REV coach Kurt Bruich said. “Oregon State has also been showing a lot of interest. Of course, every mid-major school out there really likes him as well, as they should. He’s as good as we’ve had at that position since I’ve been here.”

Walker has 52 combined tackles (35 unassisted, 17 solo) through seven games and has intercepted four passes, including one that he took back for a touchdown in last Friday’s 27-20 victory over Carter. He also has played quite a bit at wide receiver, catching 21 passes for 383 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 152 yards.

His recruitment started off slowly due to lack of film, as a few I-AA schools like Northern Arizona tried to swoop in and get a steal. But the interest has been steady since the REV staff sent out film to over 50 colleges about a month ago.

“He’s a Pac-10 caliber player in my mind,” Bruich said. “There were some smaller schools trying to get him to commit early because they saw a steal, but its going to be hard for them to do that now. People knew about him but after seeing him, they’ve really shown the interest.”

Other Wildcats garnering interest are defensive back Jerel Kyles and defensive lineman James Adams. Both Kyles and Adams are getting interest from I-AA schools, according to Bruich.

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    Maybe the bigger story is the tansfer itself. Great for the kid but as a program,its seems rev always gets a kid or two from rialto. Last year Taliloa and i believe another DE. Make you wonder.

  • iefootballfan

    Good for the kid. I think he is the real deal. He would have stood out more at Rialto, but he would have gotten less exposure.

  • Anonymous

    Its not just Rialto that REV gets players from……there are numerous kids on the football and baseball team that live in San Gorgonio’s boundaries. Tyler Shreve being the most notable this year. If not for the “San G.” kids, the REV baseball team would not have made the CIF Finals last year. When will somebody look into this program stealing other schools athletes??

  • Mentone Hater

    He will last as long as Polk. small skinny guy gets hurt. Big “D1” schools dont play Rialto, Fontucky, Ike. good for him he will do as well as polk!!!! as far as the transfer isnt there still questions about transfers? Didn’t Mentone lose a CBL title because of a illegial transfer? Just asking!!!

  • TJ Berka

    REV did give up its boys track title in early June due to an ineligibility. As far as Walker is concerned, his transfer paperwork was submitted to the CIF in early May and it was approved by CIF during the summer. And Walker did participate on the track team in question.

  • Mentone Hater

    How was Walker able to be on the track team and is there someone at Mentone who is the person or persons that check and verify if an athlete is able to participate. Why was he on the team. someone had to know he was not eligible. has anyone asked why he was i would like to know.

  • Mentone Hater

    waiting for answer!!!! TJ

  • TJ Berka

    Well, the best answer is that no one actually went on record and said that Walker was the ineligible athlete. So for me to say that the issue was 100 percent about Walker would be speculative and irresponsible on my part. Either way, the right teams won the title, regardless of what caused them to win it.
    With that said, I will say that from my knowledge (and to be honest, John Murphy knows more about this than me, I’m talking gathered on conversations I had with him mostly) Walker was cleared initially to participate after the transfer in February, but a further inquiry was made after questions arose about the move shortly after that. An investigation into it was offered this spring and finished in May. The CBL sent the findings to the CIF, which ruled that Walker was eligible shortly after.
    That’s about the best I can give you at this time. And sorry about not getting back sooner, working on predictions and a feature on Miller linebacker Jacob Guzman that is running in The Sun tomorrow.

  • Mentone Hater

    The question was who allowed walker to participate in track as a transfer if he was not cleared to participate? If this happened, could there be other things going on as one person has already mentioned? something to think about!!!