week 10 top 25

Another week, another No. 1. Guns up!

1. Texas Tech (4) – I know the Red Raiders won’t be No. 1 in the polls this week, but they beat the No. 1 team in a classic game. That’s good enough to get my vote, especially since Alabama played Arkansas State.

2. Alabama (2) – Well, I guess beating Arkansas State is better than losing to Louisiana-Monroe, as the Tide did last year. However, Alabama is right where it needs to be.

3. Penn State (3) – Penn State stays where its at. That may seem to be a bad thing, but with the way the Big 12 is cannibalizing itself, winning out in the mediocre Big Ten will get the Nittany Lions to the title game.

4. Florida (7) – The Gators make a big jump after absolutely pounding Georgia. I’m baffled as how this team ever lost to Ole Miss.

5. Texas (1) – Disappointing loss for sure, but the Longhorns proved their mettle even in defeat. Feel bad for Blake Gideon – the guy who dropped a sure interception on the play before Tech’s winning TD – though.

6. Oklahoma (5) – Score 62 points against Nebraska and move down. It’s a tough pill to swallow. However, I couldn’t rank the Sooners ahead of the Longhorns.

7. USC (6) – Win 56-0 and move down. To be honest, the events of the last couple of weeks have been extremely detrimental to the Trojans, who will have a hard time getting a BCS bump with a Pac-10 schedule.

8. Utah (9) – An ugly win over New Mexico, but a win nonetheless. Thursday’s game with TCU will be a battle.

9. Oklahoma State (10) – The Cowboys get a chance to be the guy behind the guy, as they get Texas Tech a week after Texas did. Don’t be surprised if the Cowboys pull the upset.

10. Boise State (11) – I’m ready to put these guys in the top 10. Perhaps its because they beat New Mexico State 49-0. And before you ask, a 49-0 victory at NMSU is more impressive than a 56-0 one over Washington.

11. TCU (12) – The Horned Frogs are playing top 5 football right now. If they can win at Utah, the possibility of them crashing the BCS becomes very real.

12. BYU (13) – The Cougars’ defense has kind of abandoned it lately, as BYU has had to win shootouts against UNLV and Colorado State. That’s going to end up killing the Cougars before long.

13. Ohio State (14) – The Buckeyes had a bye and come back to a tricky road game against Northwestern. Kind of disappointing how their season has gone, but at least they aren’t Michigan at this point.

14. Georgia (8) – I was tempted to dump the Bulldogs further after being piledriven by Florida, but a) Florida is very good and b) Georgia still has a pretty good recent victory over LSU on its resume.

15. Ball State (15) – The Cardinals didn’t play, so they stay put. I doubt you’ll hear a Ball State fan – if they exist and read this blog – complaining though.

16. Missouri (17) – The Tigers received an uber-scare from Baylor, which almost pulled the shocker. It’s become apparent that Mizzou’s defense will not allow it to become elite.

17. LSU (19) – This is more a bump up because of losses by other teams. Beating Tulane doesn’t exactly get the juices flowing, so to speak.

18. California (22) – Nice win in the rain against Oregon for Cal. However, the Bears have to play at USC this upcoming week.

19. Georgia Tech (NR) – The Yellow Jackets hung on to beat a surging Florida State team at home, besting the Seminoles for the first time since FSU joined the ACC. That works for me.

20. Michigan State (25) – Must be nice to move up five spots just by edging a mediocre Wisconsin team that had multiple fourth-quarter brain farts. That being said, 8-2 is the best Sparty has done through 10 games since 1999.

21. North Carolina (24) – Yes, the Tar Heels got jumped by Michigan State, but they’ll have a chance to jump back when they host Georgia Tech this week.

22. Maryland (NR) – After putting around the periphery of the Top 25, the Terrapins finally burst into it. Just imagine where they’d be ranked if they hadn’t lost to Middle Tennessee State.

23. West Virginia (NR) – It took six weeks, but the Mountaineers are back. WVU has overcome its 1-2 start with five straight wins and are looking like the class of the Big East again.

24. Florida State (18) – I kept FSU around because not only is Georgia Tech good, but the Seminoles were a pretty ridiculous fumble inside the Ga Tech 5 away from winning. Definitely the second-worst stomach-punch loss of the week, behind Texas.

25. Northwestern (NR) – Actually, Northwestern’s interception return with 12 seconds left to unbreak a tie against Minnesota might be a worse stomach punch than what FSU went through. We’ll see if NW can spend any real tiime in this poll.

Under consideration: Tulsa, Pittsburgh, Oregon State

Dropped out: No. 16 Tulsa (lost to Arkansas), No. 20 Oregon (lost to California), No. 21 Minnesota (lost to Northwestern), No. 23 South Florida (lost to Cincinnati)

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