Week 9 top 10

Lots of topsy-turviness this week, as last week’s poll was turned upside down.

1. Miller (8-0)
Congratulations to the Rebels, who shut down previous No. 1 Redlands East Valley, giving the Wildcats their first regular-season loss since September 2006. Miller now can see a Citrus Belt League title staring it in its face.

2. Rancho Cucamonga (7-0-1)
I’m a man of my word if nothing else. I said should Rancho defeat Los Osos, it would make a huge jump. The Cougars did that and now have the pole position in the chase for a Baseline League title. Just a great story, especially given the star power of Osos and Upland.

3. Hesperia (8-0)
The Scorpions took a huge step toward that elusive Mojave River League title, beating a Serrano team that has traditionally been a thorn in its side. A tricky road game at Rim of the World is next, but Hesperia is looking pretty darn good right now.

4. Upland (7-1)
The Highlanders were impressive, showing no hangover from the loss to Los Osos. I felt kind of funny putting Upland past the Grizzlies, but I feel that Los Osos’ two losses give me justification for such a move.

5. Redlands East Valley (7-1)
The Wildcats tumble to here, as their inconsistent offensive play finally caught up with them against Miller. It doesn’t get much easier for REV, as a tricky crosstown showdown with Redlands next on the docket.

6. Chino Hills (8-0)
Big win for the Huskies at Glendora, as Chino Hills continues to march on. I contemplated moving the Huskies even higher than this, but like with Rancho, they’ll eventually get there if they take care of business.

7. Los Osos (6-2)
This was the toughest team to rank, as I almost dropped the Grizzlies to 8th after their loss to Rancho. However, their quality wins are quality, and I couldn’t possibly justify putting Los Osos behind a Cajon team that it beat on the road.

8. Cajon (7-1)
The Cowboys actually moved down despite rolling Pacific, but that was more due to big wins by Rancho and Chino Hills than anything the Cowboys did or didn’t do. Either way, Cajon stayed on track for a San Andreas League title.

9. Ayala (7-1)
The Bulldogs took care of business against Damien, setting up a huge crosstown showdown with Chino Hills as the Sierra League title hangs in the balance. Should be a great one at Chino Hills High on Friday.

10. Kaiser (4-3-1)
This last spot was tough, as there were 4 or 5 other teams that could have conceivably been in this spot. However, I like the way Kaiser has played of late and would put their three losses (Riverside North, Cajon and Los Osos) against anyone else’s. So the Cats get the nod for now.

Just missed the cut: Chaffey (6-2), Etiwanda (5-3), Serrano (5-3).
Dropped out: No. 9 Serrano (5-3).

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  • i.e.footballfan

    I hope Miller does not get caught in the hype or they will lose to Ike. That would be bad.

  • Joe the Plumber

    What does Joe the Plumber think about the Chino Hills Ayala showdown you ask? Well Mr. Berka, one team really knows how to spread the wealth, and I’m not talking about Marxism here. Chino Hills has a balanced attack with no less than 5 guys with rushing touchdowns and another 7 that have scored through the air. I think comparatively speaking Ayala only has three guys scoring via either method. In the eight games played Chino Hills has rushed for about 1600 yards and passed for about 1000, whereas Ayala is about 1500 on the ground and only 500 through the air.

    Defensively, I think Ayala matches up a little better, but Massey Ratings rates Chino Hills as the number one defense in the Sierra League as opposed to Ayala who ranks second. If youve never seen Chino Hills play defense, its a very quick, hard hitting squad with 11 men always flying to the football. Now Ayalas defense has only allowed 12 points in their last three games and that is impressive, but lets not forget, those games were against Chino, Diamond Bar and Damien. They still have not played the two strongest opponents on their schedule this season, Chino Hills and Glendora.

    Now, on special teams, Ill have to give a slight advantage to Ayala. Its obvious that they pay special attention to this detail. You covered this fact in one of your earlier articles and anyone who reads your paper on Saturday mornings can see that this factors into almost every one of Ayalas games this season. I think the Chino Hills coaching staff would be remiss not to thoroughly cover special teams in preparation for this game. If this showdown proves to be a close one, specials teams play may be the difference in the outcome of the game. That said though, Im not predicting the game to be that close. Look for Chino Hills to win this one 38 21.

    As far as the coaches go, Ill simply say this: One is a true Maverick and the other is just a real smooth talker. Comparing their records in their first season as head coach speaks volumes.

  • Anonymous

    REV got what it deserved….a loss!! Cheaters never prosper.

  • Two things…

    I’m guessing you haven’t seen Chino Hills play this year. They’d be much higher on your board if you had.

    And you “like the way Kaiser has played of late”? Huh? Maybe you haven’t seen them either. They can’t throw the ball, they can barely run it, and their special teams are shit. I saw every kick they tried get stuffed down their throats last Friday, by Bloomington! Their losses to North, Cajon and Los Osos were certainly well earned.

  • TJ Berka

    You are right, I have not seen Chino Hills play this year. Being the Sun guy, don’t get a chance to see those guys that much. As far as Kaiser, I’ve seen them play twice and while they have issues (almost every team on this list has some) they play lockdown defense, which is what I’m basing my ranking on. They are undefeated in their last four (tie with Colton which they mostly dominated – especially offensively – plus a win over a talented Summit team) and their three losses are all to quality opponents. Every team I was considering for that 10 spot had flaws, so it was basically a crapshoot.

  • NeKs

    Seen Chino Hills play three times, not impressed they’ll lose tomorrow to a much more physical Ayala team.