Week 9 high school picks

Missed the Broncos-Browns game and the college games tonight. Oh well. Maybe I should concentrate more on high schools anyway, as the upsets last week left me an unsatisfactory 16-8 last week. Gotta do better than that.

Redlands at Redlands East Valley
This should be one of the more animated games of the season, with vitrol coming from both sides. Can REV recover from its loss to Miller? Will Redlands hype itself way too much and hit a fatal lull? A couple of interesting things. This game has gone Red-REV-Red-REV-Red-REV the last six years and every year REV has won, its won a league title. It’s Redlands’ turn in the cycle and REV won’t likely win a title, so I’m going with the Terriers.
Redlands 21, Redlands East Valley 17

Ayala at Chino Hills
I pick against Chino Hills quite a bit. They end up making me look dumber than I already am. I’m sick of looking dumb, at least when it comes to Chino Hills. So yeah, I’m picking the Huskies this week. Are you happy? Are you not entertained? Wait, don’t answer the last one.
Chino Hills 27, Ayala 22

Arroyo Valley at Cajon
Michael Philipp was honored this week with a berth in the U.S. Army All-American game, a great achievement for the Arroyo Valley offensive lineman. Now if Philipp could carry the ball, the Hawks would be in business. Losing to San Berdoo was definitely a slap in the face, and Cajon is straight ballin’ right now. Probably too hard for Arroyo to turn it around this week.
Cajon 31, Arroyo Valley 10

Etiwanda at Upland
Upland should be all hyped-up for a showdown with Rancho Cucamonga next week but can hardly afford to overlook the Eagles in this game. Both of these teams can pass (seriously, who in the Baseline can’t?) but I think the Highlanders have a little more talent across the board.
Upland 38, Etiwanda 24

Patriot at Summit
Summit used a lifeline last week against Norte Vista, phoning a friend and getting a 26-point second half to eke out a 32-28 victory after being down 28-6. That isn’t going to work against a solid Patriot team that will almost assuredly be the first Patriot/Rubidoux/whatever team to get a playoff berth since 2001. Summit will disrupt a potential Sunkist showdown between Patriot and Kaiser next week with a win.
Summit 27, Patriot 20

Ontario at Chaffey
After the huge overtime win over Colony, it would be easy for the Tigers to strut down Euclid Avenue and feel high and mighty. But this Ontario team, also undefeated in the Mt. Baldy League, can bite them if Chaffey isn’t careful. QB Herman Huezo has been a dual-threat force for the Jaguars, but he won’t be enough.
Chaffey 34, Ontario 19

Hesperia at Rim of the World
A tricky game for the Scorpions after the big win over Serrano last week, as they have to face a physical Rim team up the mountain, where they are privvy to dealing with fog, snow, smoke and whatever other meterological annoyance is liable to crop up. I think Hesperia has too much depth and too many playmakers though.
Hesperia 35, Rim of the World 16

Aquinas at Ontario Christian
The Ontario Christian spread offense erupted against ACA this past week and just in time, as the Knights were on a four-game win streak. While the Knights have struggled with the new schemes, Aquinas is tossing the ball around effortlessly with QB Tyler Stirewalt and WR Jim Jones. Just way too much firepower on the Falcons’ side.
Aquinas 38, Ontario Christian 20

Big Bear at Twentynine Palms
While 29 is looking for its second straight championship, it still has a mountain to climb – figuratively, not literally – against Big Bear. The two teams didn’t play last year due to the wildfires in the San Bernardino Mountains and corresponding smoke, so Big Bear gets to defend its honor a bit. I say 29 completes this title though.
Twentynine Palms 28, Big Bear 23

Victor Valley at Barstow
Yes, the Desert Sky League needs love too, especially since Burroughs’ win over Silverado made it a four-team clusterbomb for three playoff berths. The Jackrabbits and Aztecs are essentially playing an elimination game in this one, especially Victor Valley, which has Ridgecrest Burroughs on the docket next week. Barstow takes this.
Barstow 32, Victor Valley 21

Other games of note, led by the one I have to leave for in a few minutes:
Miller 28, Eisenhower 6
Carter 24, Yucaipa 20
Fontana 20, Rialto 17
Western Christian 30, Arrowhead Christian 17
Rancho Cucamonga 35, Alta Loma 10
Los Osos 45, Claremont 7
San Gorgonio 31, San Bernardino 13
Colton 48, Pacific 6
Kaiser 45, Jurupa Valley 0
Bloomington 23, Norte Vista 21
Apple Valley 38, Sultana 12
Serrano 31, Ridgecrest Burroughs 23
Silverado 33, Granite Hills 14
Colony 41, Montclair 15
Yucca Valley 30, Acton Vasquez 10
Glendora 24, Chino 10

Overall record: 164-38-4

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  • Joe the Plumber

    TJ, Don’t be so hard on yourself. I was certain McCain was going to win last Tuesday. That said, I’m glad you came to your senses and picked Chino Hills to win this week. Ayala hasn’t played a team yet with this many weapons, this much fire-power. I’m sure they’ll reward your pick by winning by an extra 12 points, 38 – 21.

  • Gonzo


    I am entertained, and by the way has anyone told you lately, that your I.Q. must have climbed at least 50 points ?. Chino Hills will be rockin’ friday at about 7 p.m.. May the best team win.

    Go Huskies!

  • TJ Berka

    Funny you should say that Gonzo, because the other day I took one of those Mensa tests and I rocked it. Enjoy the game.

  • NeKs

    Joe / Gonzo Sorry to say that your boys have never met any of the Beasts of an Offensive line Ayala has, Look for a speedy Chino Hills team to get pushed around all night and be totally frustrated with a stingy Ayala defense that has only given up 1 TD in 13 quarters. Ayala 35 CH 13

  • TJ Berka

    I must say I’m enjoying this Chino Hills-Ayala banter. Where the heck are the Redlands-REV people at? You are getting shown up.

  • Gonzo


    I can agree with you about the size of the bulldog line, we’ll find out tonight how well they can block. The Huskies have handled a colony team with an “O” line that weighed in at 280,265,250,260 and 275 pounds, in high school quickness rules on the “O” line my friend.

    By the way, you failed to mention that ayala’s stingy defense beat up on chino, diamond bar and damien; how impressive,…… not.

    Good luck tonight, it’s gonna be a hell of a game.

    Go Huskies!

  • Red Barron

    Gonzo, you nailed it. The Huskies are quick and play as a team on both sides of the ball. I expect Ayala will have to revert to trick plays to move the ball. The Huskies will spread and exploit the weakness of Ayala’s D.

    Go Huskies!

  • hhs fan

    hesperia rim
    weather clear
    hhs 14 rhs 6 at half time

  • htownfan

    Hesperia still undefeated after beating RIM 41-12.

  • TJ Berka

    Thanks htown, impressive win for the Scorpions.

  • NeKs

    Aight Gonzo closer than I thought but it is a rivalry game it was fun …til next year.