San Andreas League playoff breakdown

The second in my series is the San Andreas League, which is simple up top but has the potential to be a complete mess on the bottom if some upsets happen.

1. Cajon (8-1, 4-0): Clinched the No. 1 seed out of the San Andreas League in the Central Division playoffs by virtue of its league-opening win over San Gorgonio. Looking to move up in seeding.

2. San Gorgonio (5-4, 3-1): Clinched the No. 2 seed out of the San Andreas League by virtue of holding the head-to-head tiebreakers over Colton, Arroyo Valley and San Bernardino.

3. Colton (5-3-1, 2-2): Can clinch the No. 3 seed with a victory Friday at Arroyo Valley. If the Yellowjackets lose, they can still qualify if San Bernardino upsets Cajon. In that case, there’d be a three-way tie for third where head-to-head cancels out, leaving a three-way coin flip for one spot. The Yellowjackets could conceiveably grab an at-large bid, but that is more likely to go to the Baseline League, namely the Los Osos-Etiwanda loser.

4. Arroyo Valley (4-5, 1-3): Would clinch the No. 3 seed with a victory over Colton Friday and a San Bernardino loss. If it wins and San Bernardino wins, the Hawks would be in a three-way flip with Colton and San Bernardino for the last spot. If Arroyo Valley, San Bernardino and Pacific win, the Hawks would get the playoff berth, as it would win a four-way tiebreaker with Colton, San Berdoo and Pacific. In that situation, Colton and Arroyo Valley would be 2-1 in head-to-head while the Cardinals and Pirates would be 1-2, with Arroyo advancing by virtue of beating Colton. I think I’ve just gone crosseyed writing that.

5. San Bernardino (2-7, 1-3): The Cardinals need a win over Cajon Friday and an Arroyo Valley win over Colton. In that case, the Cardinals, Yellowjackets and Hawks would have a three-way flip for the final playoff spot.

6. Pacific (1-8, 1-3): The Pirates have been eliminated from playoff contention, as there isn’t a tiebreaker that favors them.

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  • Joe the Plumber

    If Colton tumbles even further than they already have and loses to Arroyo Valley, it won’t be Arroy’s 5-5-0 record Etiwanda will be compared to. Unless I have it wrong, a Colton loss would give Arroyo the nod. Both teams would finish league play with identical 2-3-0 records. If head-to-head applies here, Arroyo would get the 3rd spot and Colton would be left to apply for the At-Large spot. With an overall record of 5-4-1, I think they’d have the edge over Etiwanda. If they lose to Los Osos, Etiwanda will only have a 5-5-0 overall record. Isn’t that how CIF decides who gets the At-Large berth ?????

  • TJ Berka

    I think there’s some sort of strength of league corollary that comes in. I know in the Eastern Division last year, Apple Valley was passed over despite a 6-4 record to Riverside King, which was 5-5 but played in a much tougher league. From what I’ve heard, the Baseline is almost assured of getting the at-large bid.

  • Joe the Plumber

    If I were a betting man, I have to say the At-Large Birth this year for the Central V Conference will most likely come out of, arguably, the best league in the Central V. The Baseline league will then be represented by one-quarter of the competition with most likely one team on each of the four competitive branches on the 16 team ladder. That said, the three representatives teams’ from each of the other four leagues will most likely have to defeat at least one Baseline team in order to make it to the Championship game, where they will most likely meet the best the Baseline League has to offer.

    Based on some of the intermixing in the preseason amongst the Central V leagues, I rate the leagues in this order: Baseline, Sierra, San Andreas, Mt. Baldy and Sunbelt (admittedly, I don’t know much about the Sunbelt League).

    Go Huskies,

    Joe the Plumber