Christian League playoff breakdown

As I start to wrap this up, it’s time to throw some love to the smallest league we have in our coverage area, the Christian League. When you only have two league games played up to this point, it leaves some wacky possibilites.

1. Aquinas (8-1, 2-0): Will clinch a playoff spot and a second straight league title with a win over Arrowhead Christian. Should the Falcons lose and Ontario Christian beats Western Christian, a three-way flip for two playoff spots would ensue. If Aquinas and Ontario Christian both lose, then the Falcons grab the No. 2 seed. Should Aquinas somehow get shut out of the two playoff spots, it is guaranteed to be an at-large selection in the East Valley Division playoffs.

2. Ontario Christian (4-5, 1-1): Only way the Knights can win the Christian League is with a win over Western Christian, an Arrowhead Christian win and a win in a three-way coin flip. Most likely scenario is the No. 2 spot, which comes with a win and an Aquinas win. A loss and an Aquinas win would cause a three-way flip between Arrowhead Christian, Western Christian and the Knights for one spot. A loss and an Arrowhead Christian win would leave the Knights out of the two automatic spots, causing a then 4-6 OC team to sweat out the at-large selections.

3. Arrowhead Christian (6-3, 1-1): ACA athletic director Richard Yaross gave me a breakdown of the Eagles’ chances in an e-mail this week, feeling that they have a good shot at an at-large should they not finish in the top two spots. With that said, ACA can win the league and get the top spot with a win and an Ontario Christian loss. A win and an Ontario Christian win causes a three-way flip for two spots, while a loss and an Ontario Christian loss causes a three-way flip for one spot. A loss and an Ontario Christian win would put the Eagles third, needing that at-large bid.

4. Western Christian (5-4, 0-2): The Lancers have no shot at the title, but can notch the No. 2 seed via coin flip with a win and an Aquinas win. A win in any situation would increase Western’s at-large possibilties immensely, while a loss would almost certainly eliminate them from consideration, as they would have lost five straight games to end the season.

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