Looking for all-league football teams

With the football season entering its final week, its time for me to start putting together the All-County football team, which will run in the Sun on Christmas Day (and I’m sure Clay Fowler could use them for its all-Inland Valley team in the Bulletin as well). And to do that, I want to get as much pertinent information as I can, because unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to clone myself and attend every area high school football game.

So if any of you out there might have a copy of your all-league teams (looking for Baseline, CBL, San Andreas, Sunkist, Sierra, Desert Sky, Mojave River, Christian, De Anza and Mt. Baldy primarily), shoot an e-mail to tj.berka@inlandnewspapers.com, clay.fowler@inlandnewspapers or FAX a copy to (909) 484-5574. It’d be much appreciated.

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  • Anonymous

    Is there a Athlete position for the team?

  • TJ Berka

    Yeah, we call it utility.

  • iefootballfan

    I hope that you don’t look just at the league votes. The coaches are bias. How can a kid with the highest number of Interceptions not make all league? I don’t know either, but you would be surprised what they do at league meetings.

  • TJ Berka

    Its one of a few factors we look at.

  • football mom

    So where is the all league teams. I see PE listed theirs. Where is mt. Baldys.?????

  • TJ Berka

    They are out right now. I’m waiting to release the Baseline till Saturday. It’s custom to wait until all the teams are finished playing in a certain league before you send out their all-league team. Still waiting to hear back from a couple of other leagues as well.