All-Sierra League football team

MVP – A.J. Johnson, RB, Chino Hills

First Team
Drew Kaluzny, QB, Sr., Glendora
Andre Holmes, RB, Jr., Glendora
Courtney Samuel, RB, Sr., Ayala
Sylvester Stewart, RB, Sr., Diamond Bar
Chad Young, FB, Sr., Glendora
Wallace Gonzalez, WR, So., Glendora
Taylor Herrera, WR, Sr., Damien
Cody Ruiz, WR, Sr., Chino Hills
Aaron Stockham, WR, Jr., Glendora
Joel Baez, TE, Sr., Glendora
Cody Craver, T, Sr., Chino Hills
Chase Sipple, T, Sr., Damien
Cody Tescher, T, Sr., Glendora
Thomas Lilly, G, Sr., Glendora
Shane Sweeney, G, Sr., Chino Hills
John Gallardo, C, Sr., Glendora

Second Team
Ryan Verdugo, QB, Jr., Chino Hills
Robert Ignacio, RB, Sr., Diamond Bar
Jared Taylor, RB, Sr., Chino
Brandyn White, RB, Sr., Chino
Aaron Bales, WR, Sr., Diamond Bar
Obum Gwacham, WR, Sr., Ayala
Nate Harris, WR, So., Chino Hills
Colin Lockett, WR, Sr., Diamond Bar
Ryne Morrison, WR, Jr., Damien
Jace Dyson, TE, Jr., Chino
Derek Fredendall, T, Sr., Glendora
Curtis Mowery, T, Jr., Ayala
John Brandt, G., Sr., Diamond Bar
Adam Cychner, G, Sr., Damien
Chris Alarcon, C, Sr., Chino Hills

Athlete of the Year: David Quiroga, Sr., Ayala

MVPs: Lawrence Larivee, Sr., Ayala; Chad Young, Sr., Glendora

First Team
Ryan Castro, DL, Sr., Ayala
Josh Rottler, DL, Jr., Chino Hills
Jake Salter, DL, Sr., Damien
Nathan Tourtellotte, DL, Sr., Glendora
Michael Yllanes, DL, Jr., Ayala
Chase Murphy, DE/LB, Sr., Glendora
Jason Reyes, DE/LB, Sr., Damien
Logan Laszcyk, LB, Sr., Chino Hills
Erick Meraz, LB, Sr., Glendora
Justin Robles, LB, Sr., Diamond Bar
Nick Thomas, LB, Jr., Ayala
Derek Brandon, DB, Sr., Ayala
Olomu Ifo-Ekpre, DB, So., Chino Hills
Devin Jackson, DB, Sr., Ayala
Colin Lockett, DB, Sr., Diamond Bar
Alex Arroyo, P, Sr., Ayala
Ethan Betance, P, Sr., Damien

Second Team
Zach Figueroa, DL, Jr., Chino
Obiajulu Okafor, DL, Sr., Damien
Bryan Wright, DL, Sr., Chino
Brandon Cross, DE/LB, Sr., Chino Hills
Trevor Loza, DE/LB, Jr., Chino
Anthony Penalber, LB, Sr., Ayala
Justin Robles, LB, Jr., Ayala
Brock Tracey, LB, Jr., Damien
Andrew Yaroma, LB, Sr., Ayala
Duwani Bankhead, DB, Jr., Glendora
Travis Haywood, DB, Sr., Damien
Dylon Nichols, DB, Jr., Glendora
Jake Vieth, DB, Sr., Damien
Shane Taylor, P, Jr., Chino

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  • Anonymous

    Athlete of the Year: David Quiroga great pick!

  • Joe the Plumber


    Are these your picks? …or is this how it actually shook out when the coaches all got together and voted?

  • TJ Berka

    These are what the coaches decided Joe. The all-County team (Sun) and all-Inland Valley team (Bulletin) are picked by Clay and I and will be in the paper X-Mas Day.

  • Joe the Plumber


    It seems neither fair nor balanced among the three teams that tied for the championship.

    Overall Picks:

    > Glendora – 16
    > Ayala – 14
    > Chino Hills – 11

    Overall First Team Picks:

    > Glendora – 13
    > Ayala – 9
    > Chino Hills – 7

    First Team Offense:

    > Glendora – 9
    > Chino Hills – 4*
    > Ayala – 2*

    First Team Defense:

    > Ayala – 7*
    > Glendora – 4*
    > Chino Hills – 3

    * MVPs folded into the totals.

  • Joe the Plumber

    I’m sure by now, everyone knows where my loyalty lies… And, at at the risk of sounding completely bias, I’m going to go ahead and go on the record and say, “I think Chino Hills got totally ripped off!”

    I mean, for Chino Hills to end up with the same number of overall selections as Damien (11), is just disgraceful.

    Like I said when all three teams ended up tied for the league championship… If the decision who would represent the league (1st, 2nd, 3rd) was based on any logic, it would have come out Chino Hills, Glendora, Ayala…

    Without sounding biased, here is some factual evidence:


    > Chino Hills: 10-2-0
    > Ayala: 9-3-0
    > Glendora: 8-4-0


    > Chino Hills: 5
    > Glendora: 4
    > Ayala: 2



    > Chino Hills: 1
    > Glendora: 2
    > Ayala: 3


    > Chino Hills: 1
    > Glendora: 2
    > Ayala: 4


    > Ayala: 1
    > Chino Hills: 2
    > Glendora: 4

    And finally, a quick snap shot of how each exited the Post Season:

    > Los Osos over Chino Hills: 27-24 *
    > Upland over Glendora: 54-14 **
    > Cajon over Ayala: 34-14 **

    * Lost in the final seconds after leading the whole way.
    ** A Blowout by any standard.

  • Joe the Plumber

    One last thing TJ…

    Is this an error? I don’t see a Justin Robles on either Diamond Bar’s or Ayala’s Roster…

    You have listed:

    Justin Robles, LB, Sr., Diamond Bar

    Justin Robles, LB, Jr., Ayala

    Just for the record: Chino Hills has an excellent Line Backer named Justin Robles (52), who most certainly should have been named to the First Team Defense. He is a junior.

    I hope this is just a case of mistaken identity.

  • Red Barron

    AJ Johnson, MVP! If any kid in the IE deserved this, it is definitely him. Great job kid!

    Way to go JTP, glad your son made the list.

    Go Huskies!

  • Joe the Plumber

    I’m proud of all the guys who made the list… CHHS or not. I certainly didn’t mean to take anything away from them.

    It’s just unfortunate… it seems as though there are at least a handful of great players from CHHS who were skipped over.

    In any case, I can already tell that the Husky Men are way above these individual accolades anyways. My son said he would gladly give up his honors for a chance to play in the championship game tonight.

    I think it comes from the great coaching they had this year.

    With the two losses the Huskies had this year, both by the narrowest of margins, and both coming in the final seconds of the game, I’m reminded of just how close we really came.

    It really is a game of inches, isn’t it?

  • Joe the Plumber

    TJ and Clay,

    Since I mentioned the GREAT coaching we had at CHHS in my last post, I thought NOW would be an appropriate time to rerun an earlier post I made this season to one of Clay’s feature stories entitled “Pick of the Litter” or something like that.

    If you guys are looking for the Inland Valley Coach of the Year, Please give serious consideration to Coach Derek Bub, and please read the following post.

    (Perhaps I wasn’t able to articulate to the degree necessary… If you need more information, you know how to reach me)

  • Joe the Plumber

    Posted in Response to Clays Pick of the Litter feature story

    Great feature story Clay. I can only hope you had a chance sit down face to face with the 3 fine Chino Hills athletes you highlighted. I’m sure you found them all to be modest, considerate and respectful. It’s the new mantra of all of the young men under Coach Bub’s tutelage.

    It’s my belief that the players and coaches returning from last year’s relatively disappointing season, (considering the expectations of their superstars), learned one very valuable lesson from their predecessors: “There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’.”

    I’m sure I’m not the only one in the Inland Empire who has been totally taken aback by the Huskies success this season. I honestly didn’t expect much more than what Tom Inglima experienced in his inaugural season. He’d be the first to tell you, coaching in the Inland Empire is no picnic.

    But what coach Bub has accomplished in his first season as head coach is nothing short of astonishing. I’m not sure if there is such a thing, but if you consider the transformation he has made at Chino Hills High, he deserves to be the Inland Empire coach of the year. Not so much for the phenomenal record he produced in his inaugural season, but for the complete turnaround of the program.

    To the outsider, it may look like just more of the same for the Huskies – another successful season with wins far outpacing defeats – but there is way more to it than that.

    First you have to realize that he was replacing the legendary Terry Roach, who in his own right, was extraordinarily successful. It was much more than replacing coach Roach’s antiquated playbook. He also brought in an entirely new attitude to everything his players do on and off the field.

    While he was a defensive assistant under Roach he quietly disagreed with the methods that the legendary coach used for motivation among other things. These methods, also quite outdated, reminded me of how it was when I played football. The best way to describe it is to say it was much like being in the Marines. You know, break the individual down, and force him to think team first. It just became ineffective. Today’s athletes don’t respond to that type of negative berating day in a day out.

    We weren’t sure what to expect when Bub took the helm, after all, he had to be somewhat influenced by his former bosses’ methods. But, the man just exudes positive energy. Despite losing half the coaching staff as he took over the program, he remained positive through it all. As those former coaches, who evidently pledged their alliance to the assistant who didn’t get the job, left him high and dry, coach Bub methodically went forward and assembled what has proven to be an outstanding coaching staff. It’s almost just as well that the others left as there would be no place for the old methods under Bub’s command. Each and every one of his assistants is on the same page, positive coaching is the new culture at Chino Hills High.

    Although he’s had great success this year, I honestly believe it’s not the winning that has made him so successful. It’s all about the new culture he has brought. I believe he has taught his fine young athletes to savor the journey more than the triumphant moment itself. If you make winning your be-all, end-all, and then you lose, what do you really have left?

    Coach Bub gets it… He’s allowing his athletes to fully experience what high school sports should be all about. You have to admit, few of us can remember what our win-loss record was or the scores of the games we played in… But we’ll always remember how we felt while we were playing, the memories of time spent with positive coaches and players on and off the field, the priceless life lessons learned, the joy of watching others succeed and knowing that you played a part in that, and finally learning that success is not measured by a win or loss, it is measured by effort!

    I wish nothing but the best for Coach Bub, his coaching staff, and all of his boys as they continue on their journey.

  • TJ Berka

    Joe, the release I got said there was a Justin Robles from Ayala and one from Diamond Bar. Not sure what to tell ya, but I’ll look into it.

  • Anonymous

    There is no Justin Robles with significant defensive stats on maxpreps other than CHHS. That kid showed great leadership this year and from the stands he looked like a true captain out there as far as relaying info and being on the same page with coach Bub. Cant wait to see what the Huskies have to bring next year.

  • SL Fan

    Enough of all this Chino Hills talk.
    Ayala beat CHHS with the help of an Offensive MVP AJ Johnson fumbling and Athlete of the Year Quiroga scoring the potential game tying touchdown, game winning 2 pt conversion, and late interception to pick off verdugo to seal the game. Pround of how Ayala has bounced back from the 0-10 season two years ago.

  • Chino Parent

    Just for the record Anthony Penalber goes to Chino High not Ayala.