Former San Bernardino assistant makes his case

Former San Bernardino High School defensive assistant coach Jeff Bees was in front of the San Bernardino Unified School District School Board on Tuesday night, trying to figure out why he was fired as a volunteer assistant coach last Wednesday.

Bees, a 1989 Cajon High School graduate, was removed due to allegations of depriving kids of water and because of derogatory remarks — both charges that Bees, 37, denied.

“I have never denied water to kids, and was even told by (SBHS principal) Sandra Rodriguez that that particular charge was unfounded,” Bees said. “As for derogatory remarks, I have never made a racist or sexist remark, and I’ve never heard a coach get removed for cursing.”

Calls to Rodriguez and San Bernardino athletic director Patrick Mills on Wednesday were not returned until after 5 p.m. Rodriguez’s office referred the matter to school district communications director Linda Bardere. A call to Bardere’s office was not connected.

But more than being fired, Bees was angry at the “lack of due process” in the situation, as he said he was pulled out of a defensive meeting and fired without getting a chance to outline his argument and without an investigation by SBHS into the charges.

“I want to clear my name and I want due process,” Bees said. “I think its crazy to treat volunteers who are taking their own time to try to help kids are treated this way. It’s not right and it doesn’t make sense.”

Bees is using an attorney for advisement and will consider a lawsuit if the situation warrants.

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