Week 6 top 25

Nothing too revolutionary here. LSU takes a bit of a dive, that’s about it.

1. Florida (1) – Winning at LSU at night is no joke.
2. Texas (2) – Very close to putting Alabama here. Not sure why I didn’t to be honest.
3. Alabama (3) – Crimson Tide is straight rolling right now.
4. Virginia Tech (6) – Big win after Boston College gives Hokies a bump. Really playing good football right now.
5. Boise State (5) – Have tricky game at Tulsa Wednesday.
6. TCU (7) – Not pretty, but got a tough road win at Air Force in hostile conditions.
7. USC (8) – Win at Notre Dame and USC has a good shot to be back in the top 5.
8. Ohio State (9) – Two pick-6s make Terrelle Pryor’s job against Wisconsin easier.
9. Cincinnati (10) – Game Thursday at South Florida may be toughest remaining test.
10. Iowa (11) – Survived against Michigan to stay undefeated.
11. Miami (Fla) (12) – Canes get well-deserved breather against Florida A&M
12. LSU (4) – This is a much more appropriate place for LSU to be ranked.
13. Oklahoma State (13) – Gutsy win over Texas A&M without Dez Bryant or Kendall Hunter. It’ll be hard to maintain this though.
14. Penn State (15) – Got basically a bye week against Eastern Illinois
15. BYU (16) – Really don’t get how Florida State killed this team.
16. Kansas (18) – A self-correcting measure of sorts. Gets props for staying unbeaten.
17. Oklahoma (17) – Kansas jumped the Sooners, but a win over Texas would jump them back up.
18. Oregon (19) – Looking like a dark horse in the Pac-10 race.
19. Georgia Tech (20) – Survived a shootout with Florida State Saturday night.
20. South Carolina (21) – Gamecocks win fourth straight by edging Kentucky.
21. Nebraska (24) – The Huskers pulled one out of the fire against Missouri.
22. South Florida (NR) – Shoot into the rankings despite not playing. Have huge opportunity to move up this week.
23. Mississippi (14) – Not sure I should rank these guys, but there aren’t a lot of good options this low.
24. Houston (NR) – Winning at Mississippi State gets Cougars reranked.
25. Utah (NR) – Utes fill out the rankings because someone has to.

Under consideration: Notre Dame, Auburn

Dropped out: No. 22 Auburn, No. 23 Missouri, No. 25 Georgia

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