Week 7 top 25

I finally did it, bumping up Alabama and dropping Texas. I was tempted to put the Tide one higher than I actually did.

1. Florida (1) – Only reasons they are holding this position is because they are the defending national champs and because they haven’t lost. That’s about it.
2. Alabama (3) – Playing better than anyone in the nation right now. And it doesn’t seem close.
3. Texas (2) – Barely beating an Oklahoma team without Sam Bradford isn’t enough to avoid the drop.
4. USC (7) – Coming back around on the Trojans as they have three darn good road wins now.
5. Boise State (5) – It will be hard for Boise to move much higher than this. They need to beat teams like Tulsa by more than 7 at the very least.
6. TCU (6) – Nice smackdown of Colorado State leaves Horned Frogs undefeated.
7. Cincinnati (9) – With their road wins, the Bearcats probably have the most upside of teams 5-7.
8. Iowa (10) – Another tough road test conquered for the Hawkeyes. Got another one at Michigan State upcoming.
9. Miami (Fla) (11) – Canes are the second-best one-loss team behind USC.
10. LSU (12) – Got a nice bump up despite being on a bye. Must be nice.
11. Oklahoma State (13) – Cowboys are doing a good job of grinding despite not being at full strength.
12. Georgia Tech (19) – Yellowjackets opened some eyes this week by running over Virginia Tech. Big jump for Ga. Tech.
13. Penn State (14) – Probably had their best win of the season to date against Minnesota. Says more about their schedule so far though than anything else.
14. Virginia Tech (4) – Walked right into an ambush at Ga. Tech. Guess we got carried away with the Hokies a bit.
15. BYU (15) – Won a tougher-than-expected game with San Diego State
16. Oregon (18) – I’m starting to self-correct a bit on the Ducks. Its clear that they are part of the “Sweet 16”
17. Pittsburgh (NR) – And this is where the rankings get goofy. If it was possible to leave No. 17 blank and leave the Panthers at, say, No. 20, I’d do it.
18. Houston (24) – Get a bump based more on what teams they’ve beaten in the past have done more than anything else.
19. Texas Tech (NR) – Sizable upset win at Nebraska puts Red Raiders in top 20 – and helps Houston get its bump.
20. Mississippi (23) – Definitely a bump up based more on teams losing than what the Rebels did against UAB.
21. Ohio State (8) – Buckeyes take a huge tumble after dumping one against 1-5 Purdue.
22. Utah (25) – The Utes kill UNLV to get a little bit of a move up.
23. South Carolina (20) – Gamecocks hung with Alabama for the most part, so I’m not trashing them.
24. Nebraska (21) – Probably should have these guys dropped lower, but there aren’t many candidate to put ahead of them.
25. South Florida (22) – Losing to Cincinnati is no insult.

Receiving consideration: Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan
Dropped out: No. 16 Kansas, No. 17 Oklahoma

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