All-Sierra League football team

By popular demand, here’s the all-Sierra team. The Sierra does the MVP thing better than anyone else, with six different Most Valuable Players. Pretty crazy stuff.


Athlete of the Year
Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Jr., Chino Hills
Offensive MVP\
Phillip Sainz, Sr., Damien
Chad Jeffries, Jr., Glendora
Defensive MVP
Michael Gonzales, Sr., Glendora
Placekicking specialist
Wes Feer, Sr., Chino Hills
Punting specialist
Jake Capraro, Sr., Damien


Ryan Verdugo, Chino Hills, QB, Sr.
Michael Trujillo, Ayala, RB, Sr.
Nate Harris, Chino Hills, RB, Jr.
Calvin Bishop, Diamond Bar, RB, Sr.
Dawani Bankhead, Glendora, RB, Sr.
Andre Holmes, Glendora, RB, Sr.
Dylan Lada, Ayala, WR, Sr.
Ryne Morrison, Damien, WR, Sr.
Aaron Stockham, Glendora, WR, Sr.
Patrick Kim, Ayala, OL, Sr.
Joe Irriberri, Chino, OL, Sr.
Jordan Miller, Chino Hills, OL, Sr.
Josh Polonio, Damien, OL, Sr.
Regis William, Glendora, OL, Jr.


Michael Ylanes, Ayala, DL, Sr.
Austin Johnson, Chino Hills, DL, Jr.
Tre Hale, Damien, DL, Sr.
Chris Sayegh, Damien, DL, Sr.
Tim Manning, Glendora, DL, Sr.
Josh Rottler, Chino Hills, LB, Sr.
Chad Lindsay, Glendora, LB, Sr.
Nick Thomas, Ayala, LB, Sr.
Justin Robles, Chino Hills, LB, Sr.
Trevor Manly, Damien, LB, Sr.
Brock Tracey, Damien, LB, Sr.
Nate Harris, Chino Hills, DB, Jr.
Eric Lewis, Damien, DB, Sr.
Rodney Matthews, Damien, DB, Sr.
Thomas Corwin, Glendora, DB, Jr.


James Guillen, Damien, QB, Sr.
Maurico Reynoso, Ayala, RB, Jr.
Promise Amadi, Chino, RB, Jr.
Xavier Brown, Chino, RB, So.
James Ramirez, Damien, RB, Jr.
Donovan Holmes, Glendora, RB, Sr.
Scott Calles, Chino Hills, WR, Jr.
Josh Dominguez, Damien, WR, Sr.
Neil Ignacio, Diamond Bar, WR, Jr.
Casey Busch, Ayala, OL, Sr.
Trevor Androus, Chino Hills, OL, Sr.
Brandon Maxson, Damien, OL, Sr.
Zack Pucci, Damien, OL, Sr.
Bing Tan, Diamond Bar, OL, Sr.
Thomas Thayer, Glendora, OL, Sr.


Shawn Faucette, Ayala, DL, Sr.
Brad Bergan, Chino Hills, DL, Jr.
James Grigorian, Diamond Bar, DL, Sr.
Blaize Sanchez, Diamond Bar, DL, Jr.
Matt Nava, Glendora, DL, Sr.
Anthony Weiler, Ayala, LB, Jr.
Trevin Loza, Chino, LB, Sr.
Austin Simons, Damien, LB, Sr.
Sam Uweh, Diamond Bar, LB, Sr.
Alex Flinch, Glendora, LB, Sr.
Christian Villia, Glendora, LB, Sr.
Timothy Alexander, Ayala, DB, Jr.
Lucas Chavez, Ayala, DB, Jr.
Brandon Portal, Chino Hills, DB, Jr.
Calvin Bishop, Diamond Bar, DB, Sr.
Dylan Nichols, Glendora, DB, Sr.


Andrew Cameron, Diamond Bar, QB, Jr.
Alex Sanchez, Ayala, WR, Sr.
George Katrib, Diamond Bar, WR, So.
Nick Gonzales, Chino Hills, OL, Jr.
Ryker Cook, Diamond Bar, OL, Sr.
Justin Adema, Glendora, OL, Sr.
Joe Antocicco, Chino, DL, Sr.
Brian Chong, Diamond Bar, DL, Jr.
Alan Ayers, Ayala, LB, Sr.
Brian Bracci, Ayala, LB, Sr.
Ron Velarde, Chino, LB, So.
Carlos Barron, Chino Hills, LB, Sr.
Troy Lanning, Diamond Bar, LB, So.

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  • Joe the Plumber

    TJ, One correction I see; Austin Johnson played nose guard for Chino Hills, NOT Chino.

  • Joe the Plumber

    How do I say this without taking away from some of these fine young athlete’s accomplishments. . .

    For at least two years in a row now I’ve seen CHHS defenders get the short end of the stick on this. Guys who should have made 1st team losing out to inferior talent at the other schools. The same thing can be said about Honorable Mention vs. Second Team.

    The problem stems from inconsistencies in the Statisticians. I know that the CHHS statistician took an NCAA Certification course and is extremely accurate. He takes his role very seriously and IS NOT related to any of the player (nor anyone at the school for that matter). His stats are VERY accurate. You dont get credit for assisting in a tackle for piling on just before the whistle blows. You can always take his stats and go back over a game and everything adds up. (I.E, it all Cross-Checks)

    I’m convinced that some of these other schools are having their cheerleaders keep their stats in-between their back hand springs, dances, and cheers. Either that, or some over eager father is padding the stats in hopes that his kid will be voted onto the first team at the end of the year. If the latter is true, that statistician should be ashamed. Sure, he succeeded in putting a smile on his kids face, but in the process, he stole something that rightfully belongs to someone else.

    For example, I attended a game last year between two of our rivals. Ayala had 4 sacks in the game. Later, when they posted their stats on Max Preps, I found that they had recorded 6.5 sacks for the game. How do you end a game with 2.5 more sacks than there really were? How do you ever end ANY game with ANY fraction of a sack?

    What ends up happening is that the schools where padding stats is the norm always end up getting the player on the First Team. Its almost as if they keep track of where the better players are in their stats and then one-up them on everything. Then they go to the coaches meeting, stats in hand, and nobody is prepared to say, I call B#!! $#!+.

    The only way that I can see to remedy this problem is two-fold. One, each school needs to send their statistician to be certified. Two, at least one random audit should be made of each teams statistician. This could be accomplished during the game or a review stats after the game. Things should be crossed checked, for example: 1) Are there more tackles recorded than offensive plays run by the other team? 2) Are the total number of sacks recorded as a whole number? Do they align themselves with the number of attempted passes vs. completions? Were there tackles made on the quarterback, resulting in positive yardage, recorded as sacks.