Colton football job opens up; Strauss heading to Big Easy

While talking to Colton athletic director Harold Strauss about Alejandro Maldonado’s switch from Washington to Oregon, the retired coach mentioned to me that the open football head coaching job has been opened up. Strauss indicated that the position would be open to all applicants from now though the end of next week.

“We wanted to open it up 10 days and take what we have at that point, interview, and make our decision,” Strauss said. “From talking to people in the area, there’s interest in this job and we are pretty confident we’ll find someone during that time period.”

Strauss did float the name of Scott Pearne – who resigned at Riverside North after the season and who coached at Yucaipa from 2005-07 – as someone who has expressed interest in the position. Strauss retired in November after 10 seasons with the Yellowjackets and 229 career wins.

The retired coach isn’t totally ducking out of the football life. After attending Colton’s National Signing Day story Wednesday morning, Strauss will be flying to New Orleans, where he’ll be speaking at the Double Wing Football Coaches Association’s annual convention.

Strauss will be in New Orleans until Monday, making his first-ever visit to the city a sizable one.

“I’ve been told that I need to go see Bourbon Street,” Strauss said. “I’m looking forward to the trip. With the Saints being in the Super Bowl, I’m expecting the city to be pretty lively.”

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