Strauss coming back after all?

Harold Strauss might not be done as football coach at Colton High School after all.

Strauss, who retired this past season to take on full-time duties as athletic director, is thinking seriously about throwing his hat back in the ring as football coach after issues arose in the hiring of his successor.

“We had 21 applicants, but we just laid off 141 teachers as a school district,” Strauss said. “It’s hard to hire a coach to a teaching position and justify it with that going on. It just might not be the right time to leave this position.”

The Colton Unified School District is redrafting the ad for the position. Depending on the verbiage of the position, Strauss said he’s “70-30” in favor of reapplying.

“I think I would have to reapply because the job has already been flown, but I don’t know for sure,” Strauss said. “Depending on what the school district releases, I’m interested in coming back. The new school opens in the fall of 2011 and when that happens, teaching jobs will come back and hopefully that will make things easier. But it might be a situation where an extra year or two is necessary.”

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