ESPN to film Donovan at REV

Galaxy star Landon Donovan is coming back to his hometown of Redlands Monday, as he will be filming a segment for ESPN’s “Homecoming” in the gym at Redlands East Valley High School at 7 p.m. with ESPN writer Rick Reilly.

“It’s wonderful for the school and the community,” REV athletic director Rhonda Fouch said. “We are excited to have our prodigal son return and we consider him our own illustrious alumni.”

An assembly involving REV students and Redlands community members will be held alongside the filming for Donovan, a 2000 graduate, with the REV boys and girls soccer teams and cheerleaders to be present in full uniform. It’s an event that was several months in the making according to REV assistant principal Dale Whitehurst, the point man on the project.

“We started talking with ESPN about it in mid-January and set the date in late-February, early March,” Whitehurst said. “There was some hesistance about setting a date because there were MLS labor issues and we weren’t sure if Landon would end up staying in England and play over there, but we are extremely excited to have this at our school.”

Fans interested in attending Monday’s assembly can contact ESPN via e-mail at or go to and click on the “ESPN Homecoming” icon.

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