Oak Hills to play with the big boys

Typically new schools get the luxury of flying under the radar in their first few years of existence, getting to build their new program slowly from scratch as they watch a mishmash of younger players eventually grow into veterans. Oak Hills screwed up that plan last year, busting out to a 9-3 record as a freelance team and winning its first-round playoff game in the East Valley Division. So any anonymity the Bulldogs might have had entering their first season of Mojave River League play this season is gone.

“I think we have a little bit of a target on our backs,” Oak Hills coach Robert Kistner said. “We were able to win some games early and get some confidence and I think that’s made everyone else take notice. No one wants to lose to the new guy, so I think we are going to get everyone’s best shot.”

Having only sophomores and juniors last season, the Bulldogs return their 2009 squad intact. That rare luxury is made even nicer by the fact that one of those returners, senior RB Jeremiah Armstead, ran for 1,700 yards and 15 touchdowns a year ago.

“He’s a beast,” said Kistner of his 6-2, 230-pound running back. “He’s the school’s first all-CIF player and was just a force last year. We rely a lot on our running game, so to have a guy like Jeremiah is a great thing.”

Armstead will combine with junior Marshaun Coprich to form a potent running attack that will be the Bulldogs’ bread-and-butter. Coprich, a 5-6, 175-pound bowling ball according to Kistner, added 687 yards and seven touchdowns on the ground. Both players will run behind an experienced offensive line led by 6-5, 300-pound senior tackle Kevionte’ Henderson.

When Oak Hills does pass, it will rely on sophomore quarterback David Richardson. Richardson (6-3, 183) came on as a freshman to take the starting spot last year and sports a strong arm. He completed 31 of 75 passes for 524 yards and seven TDs to just one interception.

Defensively, Oak Hills has a pair of studs in senior LB Antwaun Dawson and senior DE Ben Havro. Dawson (6-2, 230) is receiving quite a bit of Division I recruiting interest while Havro (6-1, 205) had 13.5 sacks. MLB Aaron Woodard (5-10, 215) led the team in tackles while junior CBs Garrett Reece-Scott (5-9, 170) and Justin Albricker (5-8, 165) lead the secondary.

Oak Hills 2010 schedule (Home games in CAPS, * indicates league game)

Sept. 10 – at Desert Hot Springs
Sept. 17 – RIALTO
Sept. 24 – LANCASTER
Oct. 1 – MILLER
Oct. 15 – at Sultana*
Oct. 22 – at Victor Valley
Oct. 29 – SERRANO*
Nov. 5 – at Hesperia*

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  • BulldogKIng


  • Anonymous

    Kevionte’ Henderson


    Sound like another great year for Football in the desert.With coach K and big Rick how can they go wrong.
    Lower level looks to be good always with Metzger at the helm and running up the scores on everyone.


  • TJ Berka

    Corrected. Thanks for the tip.

  • funny

    Here we go. The hype has started. I love when coaches get on and compliment themselves. Target on their back? It was a very weak schedule. But we will see how they do in the MRL.

  • Football – Baseball Fan

    You know how Bulldogs (the actual dog) dig in and hold thier ground, never to be wounded by the bulls horns.

    With our few BIG-really-BIG Linebackers such as; Kevionte’Henderson,Ryan Orosco,and Braylen Bennett build a wall that cannot be broken easily.Working offensively & defensively with Ben Havro,Aaron Woodard,Antwaun Dawson,Jeremiah Armstead,Justin Albricker are just a few of the “Big Dogs” from Oak Hills leading the rest of the pack. Any anonymity we had will only bring about some really good games as the Mojave River League teams prepare to play us this season.

  • Serranodad

    Let me tell you one thing I hope Orosco and Bennett are playing cause they are two of the weakest player on that campus.Your team keeps on trying to recuit every 8th grader in the high desert,I hopr CIF check up on your school.D-Backs will run the ball up your a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OHHS Football Mom

    So the trash talk has already started and we are a month away from the season…wow.

    @ Serranodad – Do you really find it necessary to throw a couple of high school football players under the bus? Does it make you feel better or help you sleep at night? If you are a “DAD” you should know better.

    @ funny – Last season I heard several times that the schedule our team played last year was weak. I am sure that all of the teams we played appreciate that expert appraisal of their programs. But did you really think with a brand new school and no seniors enrolled that CIF was just going to allow OHHS into any league it wanted? Get real. Our boys played hard every game against established teams with seniors and played well, obviously.

    Good luck to OHHS Football! I am very excited to watch another HIGH SCHOOL football season! Go Bulldogs!!

  • funny

    OHHS football mom. Down the hiull most new schools that have juniors play a varsity schedule and get in a league. The new Jurupa school is ina league with just sophomores. But I see your point. Look at OHHS preseason this year. Hasn’t changed much? But after the season is over and all the dust clears we will seee how everyone does. Serranodad that is low calling kids out.

  • Bulldog King

    What the hell is going on with the trash talking already running the ball down up and down the field. I love it!!! Well what about giving props to OC. He does nothing special anyways. A lot of talent on this team. Recruiting takes care of themselves no need to do that. The other two schools will play for a Key while the DOG will play for a league title. You can have the KEY we are not part of Hesperia we are THE OAK HILLS our own place. GO DAWGS!!!

  • funny

    OHHS Football mom:

    There are many schools that join leagues with no seniors. Jurupa has a new school this year with just sophomores that is in a big league. But Weak schedules has nothing to do with leagues. Even the MRL has some weak teams. Pre season you can find what you want. But your boys did play hard. When the dust settles we will see how they do with the MRL and even better in the playoffs.

    Serranodad, calling kids out is very unclassy and unnecessary.