Football bracket predictions

With the football pairings set to be released tomorrow, here are my predictions for the Inland, Central and Eastern Divisions. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, so we’ll see how it goes.

As a note, I have Coachella Valley as the Central Division’s at-large and I chose a 7-3 San Jacinto as the Eastern’s at-large over a 5-4-1 Silverado.

No. 1 Corona Centennial (Big VIII No. 1) vs. Yucaipa (Citrus Belt No. 3)
Upland (Baseline No. 2) vs. Claremont (Sierra No. 2)
Redlands East Valley (Citrus Belt No. 1) vs. Murrieta Valley (Southwestern No. 3)
No. 4 Chino Hills (Sierra No. 1) vs. Corona (Big VIII No. 4)
No. 3 Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline No. 1) vs. Charter Oak (Sierra No. 3)
Roosevelt (Big VIII No. 2) vs. Chaparral (Southwestern No. 2)
Redlands (Citrus Belt No. 2) vs. Norco (Big VIII No. 3)
No. 2 Vista Murrieta (Southwestern No. 1) vs. Etiwanda (Baseline No. 3)

No. 1 Rancho Verde (Inland Valley No. 1) vs. Coachella Valley (at-large)
Colony (Mt. Baldy No. 2) vs. Colton (San Andreas No. 3)
Cajon (San Andreas No. 1) vs. Montclair (Mt. Baldy No. 3)
No. 4 La Quinta (Desert Valley No. 2) vs. La Sierra (Inland Valley No. 4)
No. 3 Chino (Mt. Baldy No. 1) vs. Carter (San Andreas No. 4)
Arlington (Inland Valley No. 2) vs. Palm Desert (Desert Valley No. 3)
San Gorgonio (San Andreas No. 2) vs. Valley View (Inland Valley No. 3)
No. 2 Palm Springs (Desert Valley No. 1) vs. Garey (Mt. Baldy No. 4)

No. 1 Kaiser (Sunkist No. 1) vs. Granite Hills (Desert Sky No. 3)
Citrus Hill (Mountain Pass No. 2) vs. Temescal Canyon (Sunbelt No. 3)
Elsinore (Sunbelt No. 2) vs. Apple Valley (Mojave River No. 3)
No. 4 Summit (Sunkist No. 2) vs. West Valley (Mountain Pass No. 3)
No. 3 Heritage (Sunbelt No. 1) vs. San Jacinto (at-large)
Victor Valley (Desert Sky No. 1) vs. Oak Hills (Mojave River No. 2)
Beaumont (Mountain Pass No. 1) vs. Ridgecrest Burroughs (Desert Sky No. 2)
No. 2 Serrano (Mojave River No. 1) vs. Norte Vista (Sunkist No. 3)

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  • http://msnbc phil

    kaiser win’s it all this year.
    rev plays for all the gold