Fontana Unified School District to suspend athletics?

That very well could be the case tonight, as the Fontana Unified School District school board will meet in a closed-door session tonight to discuss the cutting of $8 million from the district’s budget. That could include the entire athletic department, as stated in Referendum E.

“Suspension of All Athletic Programs (Ref. E).
This item is for consideration by the Board of Education to take action to suspend all Athletic Programs and eliminate the Athletic Directors …”

I’m no economist and I won’t pretend to have the slightest idea of all of the factors that presently has FUSD drowning in red tape. And I definitely am not going to advocate the resumption of athletics in FUSD sports at the expense of other extracurricular programs or teacher jobs. But it would just be an absolute shame if athletics were taken out as a response to the budget crisis.

Athletics are not only a fun extra-curricular activity, but a source of pride for the community and a diversion for the athletes from negative outside influences. They also provide a form of academic support, as an athlete has to make certain grades to be able to play athletics. It would be sad to see hundreds of students be deprived of that outlet. And it would stink as a sportswriter to miss out on the Summit football and basketball programs, the Kaiser football program, the Fontana boys soccer team, the Miller football program and see the development of Jurupa Hills cut off at the knees.

I’m not sure what is going to happen. But this could drastically change the landscape of Inland Empire and Southern California athletics permanently.

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