Bray reconsiders, will reapply for position

Colton football coach Rick Bray will reapply for his position as Colton football coach after an upwelling of support on his behalf from the community according to a text I received from Bray and the Colton football Facebook page.

The Facebook entry, written by “Colton Football Coaching Staff” says the following:

Coach Bray would like to thank the community for the endless support he’s received since he made his decision friday afternoon. It’s because of this support that he has decided, he will not let one mans ego decide the fate of a program he’s… help build over these last 25 plus years.

That being said, Coach Bray will be reapplying for the Head Coaching position, as the Colton Joint Unified School District Board of Education is requiring him to do.

Coach Bray has never walked away from a challenge, and will not be labeled a quitter. This was evident last year, when he was not named Head Coach until June 1st, after having to apply 3 times, but ran the program as his own from December to that time.

Coach Bray, and his staff, will continue to work with thier Student Athletes best interests in mind, in preparation for the 2011 Football Season.

We will still need every community members support.

The Colton Joint Unified School District will be accepting applications for the job until Friday and from there they’ll make the decision. And quite frankly, if they decide on anyone but Bray, it will be one of the most stupefying decisions that I’ve encountered in my years as a sports journalist.

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