Marcos Fino to be next football coach at Bloomington

Marcos Fino will be Bloomington’s next football coach, pending approval by the Colton Joint Unified School District at Thursday night’s meeting.

Although the district cannot comment on Fino’s hiring at this time, he is listed on the agenda for Thursday night’s meeting as being up for approval to be Bloomington’s next head foootball coach.

Although I’m not sure if he currently is, it appears at one point that Fino taught in the Colton district. He also may have coached at Yucaipa at one time, although not under current Yucaipa head coach Justin Price.

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  • hope this guy does a good job. I would like to know who will be FOHI’s new football coach. what a mess the adminastrators caused when the took down the programm 12-13 yrs ago. has not been the same since. great football program best in the county. then the powers that be took it down because they thought the team was to politically powerful. go figure these are people who are supposed to protect our kids from this kind of political skuldugery. so go figure????