All-Mountain Valley League basketball

All-Mountain Valley League basketball teams

Coach of the Year Citrus Valley – Yon Okorodudu
MVP Citrus Valley – Justin Snavely 11 F
First Team Grade Position
1st Team – CV LJ Harris 10 G
1st Team – CV Alec Carda 12 F
1st Team – CV Stephen Harper 12 G

1st Team – ND Tyler Peacock 12 G
1st Team – ND Joshua Roqurt 12 G
1st Team – ND Andrew Marconi 11 F
1st Team – BAN David Harris 11 G
1st Team – JH Justin Augustine 11 G
1st Team – RUB Daniel Young 11 F
1st Team – RIM DeShawn Curtis 12 C

2nd Team – CV Andrew Small 12 G
2nd Team – CV Russell Provan 12 G
2nd Team – ND Desmond Aguirre 11 G
2nd Team – ND Cameron Jackson 12 G
2nd Team – BAN Styrone Hairston 12 G
2nd Team – BAN Larry Price 11 F
2nd Team – JH Danny Aguilera 10 G
2nd Team – RUB Gilbert Para 12 G
2nd Team – RIM Grant Prochut 11 G

Coach of the Year Notre Dame – Xavier Gomez
MVP Notre Dame – Amanda Kvocka 12 PG

Name: (Print First, Last) Grade Position
1st Team – ND Kelsey Davis 11 C
1st Team – ND Caitlyn Croghan 12 F
1st Team – ND Suzie Castro-Larsen 10 C
1st Team – CV Ashley MacLeod 12 F
1st Team – CV Victoria Napieraia 11 G
1st Team – JH Britney Gonzalez 9 G
1st Team – JH kamiya Ector 9 G
1st Team – RUB Corrinna Muro 11 PG
1st Team – RIM Beth Wren 12 F
1st Team – BAN Samantha Reyna 10 PG

2nd Team – ND Megan O”Connor 10 F
2nd Team – ND Gia Jennings 11 G
2nd Team – CV Sarah Slaght 11 F
2nd Team – CV Karisa Caso 11 F
2nd Team – JH Jazmine Smith 10 G
2nd Team – JH Kheoni Whiten 10 G
2nd Team – RUB Ariana Diaz 12 SG
2nd Team – RIM Jasmine Wong 12 G
2nd Team – BAN Jazmyn Jordan 10 F

ND-Riverside Notre Dame, CV-Citrus Valley, JH-Jurupa Hills, RUB-Rubidoux, RIM-Rim of the World, BAN-Banning.

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  • Brass Monkey

    Wow, I was surprised to see that Notre Dame senior Amanda Kvocka was named league MVP for the Mountain Valley League. Her stats as a player must not have been taken into consideration. Out of the 8 categories listed on MaxPreps, she only placed in 2 of them. That is okay, as long as her love for the sport and how well she represented Notre Dame may have been the deciding factor from the voting coaches. I am sure she was surprised as many of us were to see that result. Congratulations to her and their team for another great season.