DiThomas returns to Arroyo Valley

Tony DiThomas, the first-ever football coach at Arroyo Valley, is back, five years after stepping down.

DiThomas is the new coach replacing Rock San Angelo, who was 2-8 in his only season.

After coaching at San Bernardino for five years (three as a head coach), DiThomas opened Arroyo Valley in 2001 when the school had freshmen and sophomores and and played a mostly junior varsity schedule, with three varsity opponents.

He served as the Hawks’ head coach through the 2007 season, winning a San Andreas League title in 2004.
He stepped down after 2007 because he needed a break. With the school needing a coach this time, Arroyo Valley principal Gordon Amerson, a former assistant to DiThomas, actively recruited DiThomas to fill the position.

“I know his commitment to athletics. I know his goals and standards,” DiThomas said of Amerson.
A year ago, Amerson had placed DiThomas in a new position at Arroyo Valley as academic advisor for athletes.

DiThomas said he would not have thrown his hat into the ring for the job had Amerson not actively recruited him.
“First of all, it’s my school. I put a lot of my heart and soul into it.,” Di Thomas said. “Obviously it was intriguing to come back and help your own school.”
After stepping down at Arroyo Valley, DiThomas had served as an assistant coach at Cajon for three years. He was the defensive coordinator at Glendale College last year.
“We always take it one step at a time, and improve, year to year, week to week,” he said.

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